Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

July 10-14, 2016 (Updated) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto_skyline_(2012)If there’s ever been a technology cliché that’s squarely rooted in truth, it’s that “the only constant is change.”

Choosing your IT partner is among the most important investments that any business or organization can make. It’s incumbent on those making the decision to select a partner who not only understands how best to leverage technology to help them achieve their business goals, but to ensure that the partner is working from a place of knowledge and experience.

The Arctic IT team has traveled across North America to Toronto, ON to once again participate in the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference – a gathering of more than 16,000 partner participants and several thousand Microsoft and other manufacturer employee attendees to learn about what the world’s leading software and business product company is doing to help its clients be successful. Over the coming week we’ll attend and participate in dozens of sessions and meetings to learn what we can bring back to help our clients in Alaska and across the country improve their productivity and be more successful.

Been there...done that...and we're coming back with more than just a t-shirt.

Been there…done that…and we’re coming back with more than just a t-shirt.

After spending nearly a week with our Microsoft colleagues and peers, we have a lot of great information about several advancements that will help our customers do their work more efficiently and get the most value out of their IT investements. Be looking for announcements from Arctic IT soon on topics like enhanced security and functionality to extend cloud-hosted services…there are a number of advancements around Office 365 worth hearing about…whether it’s identity management, data loss prevention, threat analytics, or enhanced data backups.

Further, we’ve begun forging relationships with a couple new partners to bring even better capabilities to our clients in Alaska and across the country. Formal announcements are to come but we’ll have great new solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration across all platforms and managed, configurable email signatures – including policy-based customization and application of signatures for groups or sub-groups of users.