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As a 100% tribally-owned company, we understand the intricacies of tribal government and gaming enterprises. Because no two tribes are alike, ensuring a tribe’s future success means pursuing a path tailored to its precise needs. Because of strict requirements, tribal gaming organizations require systems as seamless as they are spotless. We take pride in meeting these challenges with Tribal Platforms, a uniquely integrated foundation for tribal success and self-sufficiency.

Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT, a Doyon Government Group Company, provides integrated software systems for Native American enterprise and tribal government in which valuable information can be shared and managed between various programs.  Our platform solutions assist such programs including tribal government accounting and financing, tribal membership and services, social services, education assistance, shareholder and land management, TANF and much more.

Arctic IT recognizes that each tribe has unique needs and goals and therefore may have different ways in which a program is administered.  Our solutions are designed with your tribe’s specifications in mind. By using Tribal Platforms as a web-based, integrated management system for your tribe, your staff will be able to work more efficiently by streamlining your operations and securing the future success of your tribe.

Learn more about Tribal Platforms and discover how we can assist with the success of your tribe.

Tribal Government Accounting

Do you find it difficult to manage your tribes funds, grants, and indirect expenses? Is it a struggle to adhere to strict regulations and timelines? Time to recalculate and find a solution that adds up, a system that will allow you to experience improved operational efficiency and financial reporting peace-of-mind. Tribal Platforms Accounting Solutions is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and provides integrated financial solutions to Native American Tribal Governments in order to comply with strict federal guidelines. This solution allows you to spend less time on accounting processes, adhere to regulations and controls, proactively manage grants, and streamline accounting processes.

Tribal Platforms Accounting Solutions can assist with the following:


  • Manage interfund transfers with ease
  • Ensure accurate account balances
  • Transfer funds without manual entry and reconciliation processes
  • Automatic transaction analysis confirms that accounts are balanced
  • Integrate seamlessly with Intercompany and General Ledger programs


  • Gain a more detailed picture of your financials
  • Monitor all details of payables within a single window
  • Define each report segment to represent a program, fund, or division
  • Drill down to segment details
  • Ensure accurate reporting at the end of the month


  • Ensure budgets stay within their limits
  • Correctly allocate funds
  • Proactively manage and adhere to budgets
  • Monitor encumbrances at any time
  • Analyze budget information via integration with PO processing
  • Simplify year-end reporting


  • Track purchase orders as commitments against budgets
  • Monitor status and activity in progress
  • Tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes
  • Keep on track with automatic alerts
  • Reduce processing time rack with automatic alerts
  • Streamline transfer of outstanding online requisitions


  • Monitor daily expenditures and budgetary controls
  • Improve decision making with access to real-time accounting information
  • Promote accountability of sponsors
  • Maintain tight control over project and funding success
  • Know your budget status with automatic updates


  • Manage multiple distribution types and schedules
  • Control eligibility, banking information, vendor record integration
  • Manage different types of loans, terms, finance charges
  • Fully integrated with Dynamics GP Accounting for cash receipts

Case Study

  • CITC

    Customer: Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.

    Web Site:

    Employees: 300+

    Constituents: 12,000

    Location: Anchorage, Alaska

    Industry: Social Services

    Partner: Arctic Information Technology

    Customer Profile

    Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. (CITC) provides social, educational and employment services to Alaska Natives and Native Americans living in the Cook Inlet region. Established in 1983 by Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) as a nonprofit social services organization, CITC administers 35 culturally appropriate programs designed to assist individuals and families achieve their endless potential. These programs serve an average of 12,000 Alaska Natives and Native Americans annually.

    Product Solutions

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials – 26 users
    • Microsoft Dynamics Purchase Order
    • Microsoft Dynamics Payroll
    • Microsoft FRx
    • Arctic IT Grant Revenue Receivables
    • Arctic IT Indirect Revenue Recovery
    • Integrity Data Payroll Enhancements
    • Mekorma MICR
Tribal Member Management

Are you getting frustrated trying to manage a tribal member’s heritage line, blood quantum’s and tribal affiliations? Do you find it difficult to track BIA forms, audit trails and elections? We invite you to enroll in your new solution, one that streamlines membership details and allows you to access valuable data and communicate accurate information in a timely manner.

Tribal Platforms Membership and Services Management Solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This solution provides easy, yet secure, access to critical member data that will enable you to streamline your service offerings, more efficiently manage communications with your tribal members and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word to enable effective communication. The Tribal Platforms application accurately tracks all Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) information as well as providing a “Member Services” area to track all the services offered by the organization to its tribal community on a case by case basis.   This application also has full case management functionality to ensure that services are provided efficiently.  The Tribal Platform Solution is fully integrated to Microsoft SharePoint for document management, records management and archiving.

Tribal Platforms Membership Management Solutions can assist with the following:

  • Manage Tribal Member Vital Statistics, Blood Quantum/CDIB
  • Maintain Family Trees and Relationship to other Tribal Members
  • Track the Tribal Services and Benefits that members utilize
  • Manage Voter Registration and Elections, Mail Merges, Labels
  • Track Parental/Custodian Relationships, Issue Membership Cards, Manage Applications for Membership
  • Manage multiple addresses, Email Communications, all with a full Audit Trail behind each transaction
  • Report on any and all data related to a Tribal Member as an end user with the click of a mouse
  • Built on the Microsoft Dynamics xRM Platform, Tribal Platforms is provided as a FREE add-on module
  • Seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft SharePoint platform for document management

Case Study

  • Choctaw Nation

    Customer: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


    Customer Size: 6,000 employees

    Location: Durant, Oklahoma

    Industry: Government agencies by purpose—Public works

    Customer Profile

    With more than 200,000 members worldwide, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is the third-largest Native American tribe in the United States.

    Software and Services

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Tribal Education Management

Are you finding it difficult to track a student’s eligibility status, income or tribal affiliation? Are you tired of shuffling through various types of documents to confirm an individual’s grades, degrees or master records?  Well, you have done your homework and found the correct answer with the Tribal Education Management Platform (TEMP), a solution that will streamline your ability to access student files quickly and will enable you to communicate accurate information efficiently.

Tribal Education Management Platform is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This module provides a full suite of functionality to manage scholarships, educational programs and services, and the application lifecycle to track student performance and eligibility. You’ll be able to streamline your program offerings, more efficiently manage communications with your students, and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook®, Excel® and Word® to enable effective communication. This application accurately tracks all data elements related to the many resources available to the Native American Student at any level of education. The Tribal Platform Solution is fully integrated to Microsoft SharePoint for document management, records management and archiving. All student and performance reports are fully configurable by program, session, enrollment, age, institution and more!

Tribal Platforms Education Management can assist with the following:

  • Maintain Student Member Vital Statistics, Tribal Enrollment Status/Eligibility
  • Manage the Application Process from start to finish with Configurable Workflow
  • Track all Education Programs and Services by Age, Grade, Session, School, Date, Tribe, Degree, Area of Study
  • Accurately Manage Payments to Education Institutions and integrate most Windows Based Accounting Applications
  • Attach Paper and Electronic Documents associated with the Student Education Lifecycle with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as an integrated component and develop Forms Based Automation to speed the Application Process/Intake
  • Manage multiple addresses, email communications, all with a full Audit Trail behind each student and transaction
  • Report on any and all data related to a Student as an end user with the click of a mouse
  • Built on the Microsoft Dynamics xRM Platform, Tribal Platform is provided as a  FREE add-on module

Tribal Casino Management

Tribal Gaming organizations face unique challenges managing tribal, gaming/casino, and retail operations. Dynamic growth and strict financial reporting requirements for state, local, and tribal government entities make it crucial for your organization to have the best technologies in place.Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT enables Gaming facilities to better manage their finances and operations by improving revenue management, meet compliance requirements and take control over costs.

By consolidating tribal gaming and retail operations under one unified solution, tribal casino’s will improve accountability and efficiency.

Streamline Tribal Casino Accounting, Payroll, and HR

  • Gain access to real-time financial information to closely monitor casino profitability and costs
  • Report efficiently across the organization and develop comprehensive forecasts
  • Streamline casino HR and payroll processes that allow you to electronically collect time sheets,
    monitor and manage employees more effectively and process payroll quickly and accurately
  • Monitor casino project performance, costs, revenues, and labor
  • Improve communication with tribal members and casino guests
  • Track, store, and analyze demographic information on casino players and tribal members
  • Centralize requests and create casino and gaming audit trails that can be analyzed to improve
    service time and reduce costs

Improve Casino Player Management

  • Streamline casino player development and marketing
  • Manage individual casino player and guest database
  • Identify valuable casino players and assign host to ensure proper follow up
  • Track variety of gaming promotions and verify which offers are redeemed
  • Create Performance Evaluation Reports and Revenue and Defection Reports
  • Manage and oversee effectiveness of casino player development team
  • Improve casino contractor and vendor management

Enhance Casino Retail Management

  • Streamline casino purchasing processes through electronic approval of purchases and
    electronic submission of purchase orders
  • Improve casino billing processes by creating electronic invoices customers, which allow
    quicker transactions and seamless cash flow