Shareholder Management Taken To A New Level

Are you part of a corporation using multiple software programs to manage correlating departments, is your software not meeting your expectations, or are you just plain unsure of where your enrollment starts and ends? We at Arctic IT have the solution to fit your needs. There is no too big or too small of an organization when it comes to shareholder management

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP partner with over 10 years of experience working with Tribal Governments and Enterprise, we have proven extensive services and expertise in providing these solutions to our customers. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provide a shareholder management solution that can also be fitted to your organization’s needs.

Shareholder Enrollment Management

  • Shareholder Profile – Contact and identifying information
    • Blood quantum
    • Genealogy/family tree – parents, grandparents, children, etc.
    • Relationship information – such as dependents, custodians, guardians
  • Shareholder Communication Tracking
  • Stock/Share Record Tracking and Processing
  • Dividend Processing/Administrative Funds Tracking
  • Accounting Integration – Check batches, shareholders record updates donations, sponsorships, etc.
  • Mail Merge – Labeling, templates, e-mail and mail
  • Advanced Reporting – Including: shareholders statistics (age, gender, stock, location, employment, voting, etc.) and shareholder assistance reports (i.e. looking for job – stats by age, gender, region/location) to assist with outreach, education needs and employment efforts

Integrating Needs

  • Education Management – Scholarship programs don’t run themselves, but they can get pretty close to it if you have the right software! Student profile/portal base, application management, education program and status tracking, payment management and accounting integration, document management and advanced reporting
  • Election Management – Board portal integration, voting statistics reporting, stocks to votes processing, candidate portal for information/application, third party inspector of elections importing capabilities, template organization (for proxies, notifications, voting directions, annual report parts etc.)
  • Shareholder Relations/Outreach – Web portal integration, HR, recruiting, training, active, email integration, event attendance/participation tracking, templates for events and notifications, shareholder talent bank integration

Arctic Information Technology is an Alaska Native Corporation owned IT Company. We are proud to offer solutions to assist with the needs other Native-owned corporations alike.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with us, please feel free to call us at 907-261-9560 or email info@tribalplatforms.com. We look forward to speaking with you!