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November 19, 2015 – Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT provides integrated software systems for Native American enterprise and tribal government in which valuable information can be shared and managed between various programs. Our platform solutions assist programs including tribal government accounting, tribal membership, HR, social services, education assistance, shareholder and land management, TANF and more.

We recognize that each Native American tribe has unique needs and therefore may have different ways in which a program is administered. Our solutions are designed with your tribe’s specifications in mind. By using Tribal Platforms as a web-based, integrated management system, your colleagues will be able to work more efficiently by streamlining your operations and securing the future success of your tribe.

Please join us for a 1-hour webinar and see first-hand how we can help your tribe succeed with the following areas:

• Tribal Enrollment & Membership Management: Track family trees, blood quantum, tribal IDs, voting, elections, etc.
• Tribal Education & Scholarship Program Management: Manage scholarship processes, student master records, eligibility status, and reporting on age, grades, schools, and performance.
• Case Management: Using tribal enrollment records, tribal services cases can be tracked in our easy-to-use application with permission-only access, updates and electronic approval processes.
• Tribal Government & Enterprise Accounting Solutions: Electronic approval process, requisition management, purchase order validity, check printing,
• Per Capita & Loan Management: Manage multiple distribution types, control eligibility, banking information, and full audit trails.
• Grant Management: Manage grant application process, reporting and contract performance, financial systems integration, grant dashboard, contract and vendor management.

We will have a Q & A session available after the presentation.

Title: Explore Tribal Platforms Software Solutions by Arctic IT
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