Tribal Platforms Shareholder Management

October 16, 2015 – Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT provides integrated software systems for Native American enterprise and tribal governments in which valuable information can be shared and managed between various programs. Our platform solutions assist programs including tribal government accounting, tribal membership/enrollment, social services, human resources, education assistance, shareholder and land management, customer and marketing management and more.

We recognize that each Native American tribal government and enterprise has unique needs and therefore may have different ways in which a program is administered. Our solutions are designed with your tribe or corporation’s specifications in mind. By using Tribal Platforms as a web-based, integrated management system, your colleagues will be able to work more efficiently by streamlining your operations and securing the future success of your organization.

Please join us for a 1-hour webinar and see first-hand how we can help your organization succeed in the following areas:

• Shareholder Management: Track family trees, blood quantum, tribal and shareholder IDs, voting, elections, board member document management, dual-enrollment, contact information and more.
• Education & Scholarship Program Management: Manage scholarship processes, student master records, eligibility status, and reporting on age, school term, school, and performance.

We will have a Q&A session available after the presentation.

Title: Tribal Platforms Shareholder Management
Date: Friday, October 16, 2015
Time: 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM AKST