The Complexity of Leadership

As the leader of a technology company after many years in the military, I truly try to limit my military references. It’s who I am, but living in the past is never healthy.

The goal I have for our company’s leadership team is for us to operate with discipline, but not militant. I encourage creative abrasion and massive “creative discipline.”

I value teamwork. It’s complicated and multifaceted. No team wins without teamwork, and teamwork never occurs without the speed of trust.

The movie “12 Strong” came out this year. Of course it’s embellished for Hollywood, but the essence of the movie is faithful to the actual story.

The link HERE gives the basic plot. I encourage any leader or emerging leader to watch this movie. Think about things such as:

1. The fog of war (chaos is everywhere)
2. The complexity of war (what are the rules?, who is the bad guy?, what are we doing?)
3. The importance of sound strategy and tactics
4. The competing interests (balancing duty to your country with your commitment to your family)
5. Uncertainty at every turn
6. The many players (Air Force, Army, CIA, foreign leaders, etc.).
7. Different leadership styles
8. Cultural differences
9. The use of humor as a stress reliever
10. How fast things happen
11. How new technology and time-tested war equipment (horses) work side by side
12. The pure evil that exists in the world
13. The heartache of loss
14. The things you value in life (smile of a spouse and a child, comradery with friends, etc.)
15. The impact of people experiencing these things. America will have massive VA issues for decades dealing the impact of how long we have been at war.

This movie has strong language and graphic violence. It is what it is.

If you do watch it, think about how all these leadership lessons apply to you and your team. Each and every one of you must have a measure of “Captain Mitch Nelson” in you … know your job, be laser focused, get down range and make things happen.

Think about how impossible it would have been to execute this mission without discipline, teamwork, and focus. Go for a walk around your block and translate that to how your company’s leaders function as a team.

Victory at all costs. Lead well.