While the tribal community has been historically slow to adopt cloud technologies, more and more the Tribal Gaming community is taking advantage of the speed of deployment, agile scaling, increased availability, and lower total cost of ownership that cloud technologies offer.   This trend is particularly true with accounting and ERP technologies, especially Intacct.  Intacct… Read more

April 13 – It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. Editable Grids in Dynamics 365 now allow you to quickly update your data field by field and line by line without having to navigate through so many screens. In this session, we will demonstrate how Editable Grids work and how… Read more

Dynamics 365: Track Your Emails Like a Pro

Email is the primary and preferred way to communicate for several people.  Whether it is your internal team members, your “customers”, or partners, both parties have most likely communicated via email.  The messages that have been exchanged could contain valuable information that you want to record in your CRM/xRM system. Fortunately, there are multiple options… Read more

Goals.  We all have them.  Whether officially defined or not, there is something we are striving to achieve.  The problem is that we often just don’t have time to spend on the activities that can lead us to achieve those goals.  In my decade of working with tribal governments and tribal enterprises, I hear story… Read more

Microsoft announced the public preview of FastTrack for Dynamics 365.  This is an opportunity for customers and their partners to engage directly with Microsoft’s engineering team to accelerate deployments, improve time-to-value and ensure a smooth transition to Dynamics 365. Here are a few Questions and Answers about the program: Q. What are the primary components of… Read more

Providing high quality service to tribal members is a key priority for nearly all tribal governments.  When we think about high quality service, our first thought often goes to the types of services offered. But in the modern digital age where we can get quick responses to questions, requests, and other customer service offerings, tribes… Read more

Keeping it clean Part 2 – Declutter your CRM

Slowly Move the Old Out – (Keeping it Clean Part 2) After discussions with your end users, you may want to slowly move some of the under-utilized fields out of CRM.  Here are some suggestions for doing that in your deployment:   Remove unused and unnecessary fields from forms, views and charts in CRM You… Read more

One of the most common questions in consulting: Why should we upgrade to the next release? Answer: To take advantage of the new features and enhancements to make your business run more efficiently. If only it were that simple, in every organization the reasons to take on an upgrade are always different but at the… Read more

What is Tribal Enrollment?  It is a process tribes use to establish membership criteria based on customs, traditions, language and tribal blood.  Enrollment criteria is defined by tribal constitutions or ordinances.  The criteria for membership varies from tribe to tribe. Individuals can apply for membership to a specific tribe based on research completed to prove… Read more

Tribal gaming organizations operate in an ever-changing industry and are competing to attract guests.  Player development is an important Marketing function to bring in new gaming customers in addition to maintaining existing casino patrons that are profitable to the gaming organization.  Casino Hosts are the face of this Marketing team that the casino patron is… Read more