Why Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Server Technology

We get it. Your server has been around for quite a while, and for the most part, it has provided you with what you need to run your business. As this critical equipment ages, there are a few things you should consider now about upgrading your server technology, so that it isn’t more costly in… Read more

Migrate Your Legacy Government Applications to Cloud-Based Platforms

Leaders in the state and local government (SLG) sector are faced with a unique opportunity to improve how they deliver services to their communities, and cloud-based platforms are the key to making it happen. CARES Act assistance, now in the hands of many government organizations, can be the driver to real change. Rather than spend… Read more

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions with Microsoft Cloud Technology

The world is changing rapidly. State and local governments continue to find ways to enhance their communities by improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions, and technology is playing a large part in this. It’s no secret that carbon emissions have been a mushrooming problem for the past 75 years. And the issue is forcing… Read more

Securing Your Remote Workforce with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Enabling your employees to work remotely has become essential for business continuity in today’s climate. But they aren’t the only ones busy working from home…so are cybercriminals. Malicious individuals are increasing their attacks on SMBs because traditional levels of defense are no match for a sophisticated data breach. Today, the average cost of an SMB… Read more

5 Reasons to Accelerate to the Modern Workplace with Cloud Technology

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the world wasn’t ready. Agility was afforded to some organizations who had already migrated their business operations technology to the cloud, while others were left scrambling to make remote work possible for staff. Today, cloud technology is the ticket to business continuity and preparedness for the future…. Read more

The Importance of Universal Resource Scheduling and How to Leverage It Now

Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) is a feature that allows you to schedule any resource within Dynamics 365. Primarily, this feature corresponded with Dynamics 365 Field Service to help manage and schedule service teams going into the field; however, it has since been extended to the Project Service and Customer Service applications. URS is a great… Read more

Getting the Most Out of the Dynamics 365 Data Import Wizard

The Dynamics 365 Data Import Wizard is a useful tool that comes standard in all versions of Dynamics 365 CRM. It allows you to import or update large datasets in CRM without the need for third-party applications, connectors, or custom code. In this post, we will discuss how to use this tool, as well as… Read more

Make Your Move to the Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Attention Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Users Did you know Microsoft has a great new interface that provides better performance, enhanced productivity, and easier navigation? This new interface is called the Unified Interface. While it is still considered new, it has actually been around for over two years, and so it has become a stable feature… Read more

The Public Cloud Advantage

Why the public cloud is growing at breakneck pace Year over year, the public cloud advantage continues to gain momentum, and more leaders are choosing the cloud as the place to store their digital assets. In 2020, the cloud will grow another 17% up after growing 21% in 2019. This is being driven by not… Read more

Migrating On-Premises File Storage to Azure Quickly and Safely

Your organization’s IT department (along with everyone in your organization) is under stress during this challenging time. Current events are driving businesses to think fast and move from traditional infrastructure to the cloud, the “Modern Workplace”, faster than expected. Mobilizing your staff to a work-from-home model poses a few challenges. However, the power of collaboration-centric… Read more