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Arctic IT is committed to providing assistance to any tribal organization seeking advice on migrating to the cloud in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Let Arctic IT help you navigate change, lower costs, improve security posture, and enhance your employee experience at work, and at home. We are offering a free 2-hour consultation to review your organization’s cloud readiness and security posture. Once completed, we will provide a prioritized roadmap for migration and adoption of Microsoft 365 and our ArcticCare 365 Managed Cloud Services + Security. The “modern workplace” is evolving rapidly; let’s get you there faster.

We’re all in this together.


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For any tribal entity ready to take the next step with a complimentary 2-hour consultation to review your organization’s cloud readiness and security posture, please complete the form below so we can get in touch.

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Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Remote collaboration has never been easier with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Arctic IT’s mission is to help you leverage solutions available to you and your organization throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ll get you up and running with collaboration and file sharing tools that allow your team to work in a secure, but remote environment.

Microsoft Teams, the key to our remote collaboration, is fully integrated into Office 365 and optimizes productivity with different communication tools including:

  1. Group chat software
  2. Role-secured “Teams” with channels for focused conversations and ease in file collaboration
  3. Ability to host meetings and screen-share discussions for increased efficiency

Get Microsoft Teams free for 6 months

Microsoft is doing their part to help with the economic crisis. Effective now, your organization can receive access to Microsoft Teams and Office 365 free for six months. This trial offer includes licensing for Office 365 E1. Available for NEW Microsoft Teams customers only.

For Microsoft Government Community Cloud customers, there is a separate trial for Office 365 G1.

Contact us today at connect@arcticit.com to get started.

Remote Worker

Additional training tools for building a remote workforce

Microsoft Teams End User Training


Microsoft Teams Overview/Tips Videos


Run Effective Meetings with Microsoft Teams Training


Handout: 18 Things to Make Your Remote Work More Secure

Download the Handout »