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Azure Government is a capability, not a destination.

Azure Government is a specific sector of the Microsoft cloud platform which provides industry-leading, secure cloud services to government organizations of all sizes. Arctic IT, a Microsoft Gold Partner specializes in helping federal, state and local governments innovate and improve their security posture with Azure.

The Azure Government cloud solution is:

  • Flexible – allows you to spin up applications quickly and works to support both cloud and on-premises assets
  • Scalable – can expand as your services change/grow to meet service needs
  • Cost-effective – pay for only what you use
  • Secure – security is built-in at every level
  • Exclusive – Azure is hosted in U.S. data centers, managed by U.S. citizens and is offered only to U.S. government entities

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Azure Government Data Centers

What is Azure Government?

Azure Government is a collection of eight data centers located in strategic regions throughout the United States. Two classified regions are exclusive to Azure Government Secret – designed to protect sensitive data for national security. All regions operate under strict physical and network security and are run solely by U.S. citizens.

Physical control, logical control and network control ensure your organization experiences the highest level of secure cloud access. Azure meets high compliance certifications that are not available on-premises and has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider.

Azure Government also offers Express Route connectivity, which are dedicated circuits that provide an additional layer of security. These private, direct connections are the onramp to high-speed secure data centers with Microsoft.

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Who is eligible for Azure Government?

Azure is the mission-critical cloud platform to help federal, state, local and tribal governments evolve. Its ability to scale with security is a key investment component that allows your organization to grow while improving service your communities.

Azure Government serves the largest number of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) states, covering about two-thirds the population of the U.S.

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Why Azure?

High Compliance

Globally, Azure provides a cloud solution for 60 plus regions throughout the globe. Microsoft invests $1B a year in their Security Operations Center along with 93 worldwide compliance offerings. What does this mean for you locally? These high bars of compliance throughout the world are now accessible for even the smallest of government entities.


There is no more flexible environment than Azure. Virtual machines, development and test environments, and Azure SQL are resources you can turn on when you need them, expand them as the project grows, then power them down easily.

Modern Infrastructure

Azure Government empowers organizations with advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and high-performance computing. You can digitally transform the way your organization interacts with citizens and analyze smart devices in real-time to improve and optimize emergency services. Predictive models help you take preemptive action against security threats as they emerge.

Analytics at Scale

The data warehouse in Azure integrates data from multiple sources securely and helps achieve capabilities you couldn’t have made possible before. This data-centric play and transformation for government gives your agency the ability to collaborate, so leaders can make decisions that impact lives.

Advanced Security

Heighten your security posture with the Azure Security Center. Set policies and compliance controls while managing your cloud security in one intuitive dashboard. Azure Government offers hybrid flexibility, so it protects and monitors the health of all your servers – regardless if they are in Azure or on-premises.

Migration Support Tools

Azure Migrate provides a central hub for your all datacenter cloud migration needs. It can help you discover machines in your environment, assess your existing server and database estate, and migrate in seconds with little to no downtime. This is a great native built-in tool to help you navigate what needs to be remediated before migration.

Azure Site Recovery is another built-in tool for disaster recovery that provides a safe place to store your assets during migration.

Optimized Workloads

Microsoft provides free options to help you manage costs and security to ensure your Azure servers, databases and applications are secure and well managed. Get the most out of your cloud investment with:

  • Azure Advisor – a free service in Azure that helps you analyze your Azure resources for improved security, availability, cost and performance
  • Azure Architecture Center – a collection of best practices to help you move an existing workload from on-premises to the cloud or design or new workload
  • Azure Logic Apps – apps to assist you in automating workloads for even more optimization. This helps determine how you are going to consume the data

Cost Savings

Unlock key cost saving opportunities with Azure Government cloud:

  1. Move the budget expense from CapEx to OpEx
  2. Improve cashflow – pay only for what you need
  3. Drive operational efficiencies and productivity for staff

According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study: Microsoft Azure IaaS conducted in 2019, Azure customers achieved $10M in savings by avoiding on-premises infrastructure and staff costs – and saw a 478% 3-year return on investment.

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