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Tribal Platforms Enrollment provides a secure, centralized database allowing multiple departments real-time access to current member data while minimizing risk of crashes. This software is intuitive, powerful, and easy to use.


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5 Better Ways to Manage Tribal Members

Learn five better ways you can manage your tribal members with Tribal Platforms Enrollment.

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TPE Integration with Office 365

Get the inside scoop on our tribal software’s integration with Microsoft Office 365.

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Modern, Intelligent Application to Manage Tribal Membership

Explore today’s top intelligent application for managing tribal membership.

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Ready to elevate and simplify?

Tribal Platforms Enrollment is the member management tool of the future, designed to help tribes manage their members more effectively.¬†With benefits including Microsoft Office Suite integration and viewing membership data on a full-size screen, you’ve got everything to gain.

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4 Reasons You Need Arctic IT's Tribal Platforms Enrollment Solution

  1. User friendly with familiarity of Microsoft products
  2. Secure all the way to the field level
  3. Real-time reporting on your membership data
  4. Add and edit member data in one centralized database

When a family is strong, the tribe is strong.

Does your tribe need a case management system?

Tribal Platforms is the exclusive North American partner of Whanau Tahi, a tribal-owned company from New Zealand. They developed a program designed to help communities heal with measurable outcomes. Arctic IT is proud to include this family-centric case management capability in our newest version of Tribal Platforms. Contact us at for more information.

Arctic IT Plus Whanau Tahi