Collaboration and Document Management

Use Microsoft collaboration tools to boost your workforce productivity.

Tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint improve workflow by allowing teams to securely communicate and share documents.


When teams lack the tools to efficiently collaborate, productivity takes a hit. Systems such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, and OneDrive can work together to give employees the edge they need to work efficiently. Back your collaboration strategy with these powerful tools to speed up business, reduce error, and improve your bottom-line.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools drive business

All businesses differ in their exact needs for collaboration. The “one-size fits all” software simply isn’t viable in today’s environments. Arctic IT implements a variety of solutions based on your needs and budget.

Collaboration-focused software from Microsoft can be customized to user roles, optimizing their ability to communicate and share data. You pay for what you need – nothing more.

We design a solution based on your exact requirements using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, and/or Microsoft OneDrive. Let’s determine what your users need so they can perform better than ever before. The systems can work independently or with each other to increase team productivity through unmatched collaboration. It’s about bringing people together.

Enhance communication with Microsoft Teams

Enhance communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a group chat software designed for work teams to optimize productivity with different tools for communication. Staff members can be divided into one or more channels for focused conversations, enabling increased output. Teams can connect with Office 365, other Microsoft cloud services, and authorized third-party applications for a custom work environment.

Key features of Microsoft Teams

Powerful messaging in a shared workspace

Teams can be consolidated into one or more areas where ideas and information can be easily shared among members.

Business-grade security

Controls in Office 365 provide robust security for endpoints as well as administrative functions to control user access.

Calling and conferencing

Members can utilize the audio or video calling to bring together teams of any size at any location.

App integration

AppSource from Microsoft allows businesses to integrate third-party applications that enhance user experience.

Optimize Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint

Optimize document management with Microsoft SharePoint

Say goodbye to version control issues. Equip your staff with a centralized document management system that works inside and outside the organization, increasing efficiency in task completion. Microsoft SharePoint interfaces with Office 365 to organize and update your files in real-time. Give your users the ability to stay informed and accelerate business processes.

Key features of Microsoft SharePoint

Intelligent information sharing

Portals can be configured around different user bases to share information necessary for any role.

Secure sensitive resources

Restrict access to confidential files for users in the “need to know” department and securely share with outside entities.

Enhance decision making with reporting

The Business Intelligence (BI) Center can consolidate information into dashboards that provide deep insight into team performance.

Stay on track with workflows

Improve project management with built-in workflow systems that visually structure tasks.

Microsoft OneDrive for file storage and sharing

Access and share files from anywhere with Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another great tool for file storage and sharing. Smaller teams can effectively collaborate with Office 365 and OneDrive storage to securely access files from anywhere. OneDrive can also augment larger operations with additional cloud-based storage and interface with SharePoint and Teams.

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Elevate collaboration at your business with Arctic IT

Increase your team’s communication and efficiency with the right collaboration and document management tools. We can assess your unique business requirements and design a system that takes your team’s collaboration to new heights. Connect with us at 844.461.9500 so we can learn your needs and discuss the best options to improve operations at your business.


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