Why upgrade to GP2016 R2?

One of the most common questions in consulting: Why should we upgrade to the next release?

Answer: To take advantage of the new features and enhancements to make your business run more efficiently.

If only it were that simple, in every organization the reasons to take on an upgrade are always different but at the core I believe the main driver is to take advantage of the improvements constantly being made to the software.  Each and every release offers many new and enhanced features that can help optimize and improve your business.

Some highlights of the enhancements made by Dynamics GP 2016 and Dynamics 2016 R2:

  • Scan multiple pages for Document Attach
  • Enter Prepayments for the entire Purchase Order amount, including tax. Prior to GP2016, pre-payments could only be entered for the PO Subtotal minus Trade Discount.Microsoft ERP
  • Allow Credit Card as a Payment Type option to be used in the Payables Check Run process.  The total amount of the check run processed will create an open invoice for the Credit Card vendor.
  • In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 you will now have the option include or exclude inactive pay codes when looking up pay codes in the Payroll Transaction Entry Window for an employee.
  • A new navigation list was added in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 that enhances the user’s ability to sort, search, and edit their Payroll Posting Accounts.  The new Payroll Posting Accounts navigation list allows for users to import and export their Payroll Posting Accounts setup.   For example, a user can export their setup, make changes in Excel, and then import those changes back into the system.
  • SmartList favorite protection Greater control over changes to SmartList favorites is now available by requiring a password to modify a favorite. When users try to modify a SmartList favorite they will be prompted to enter a password.
  • SmartList Designer SmartLists available in Advanced Lookups Users can now assign SmartList Designer List favorites to Advanced Lookup windows. Favorites now can be assigned to all lookup window
  • Batch in use error message now Indicates the name of person editing a batch in the message “Batch is being edited by another user” There is now greater visibility for showing which specific users are editing batches. If you try to edit a batch that another user is already working with, that user’s ID appears in the message appears. Previously, the message only indicated that ‘another user’ was editing the batch.

A knowledgeable partner makes a large investment in staying up to date on what each release can bring to its customers, and it’s a great idea at upgrade time to schedule a review of the many new features included and how your organization could adopt and benefit from them.

As a consultant, it’s very rewarding to show a client something new that will immediately have an impact on the users experience and productivity, it’s what makes the job fun and exciting.

Kurt Quiggle, Arctic Information Technology ERP Staff Consultant.  Kquiggle@arcticit.com.