Accounting & ERP

For over a decade, Arctic IT has specialized in developing, implementing and supporting comprehensive ERP and financial solutions that meets the needs of our clients unique requirements and processes. Our ERP solutions help our private and public sector clients manage critical business processes, increase productivity, and improve collaboration while lowering operational costs.

ERP software consolidates all business operations into one uniform environment and is designed to help your business streamline all aspects of corporate operations from finance and accounting, human resources, payroll, supply chain management, project management, order processing, and more. ERP solutions are designed to fit your industry, company size, and budget with built-in flexibility and visibility across your business.

Built on familiar Microsoft technologies, this ERP solution is easy to customize and adapt to as your business needs change. This wide range solution integrates with Microsoft Office so it’s recognized appearance will provide your team with a familiar work environment, work well with your existing systems, empower your people to be more productive, and promote better informed decision making throughout various departments.

At Arctic IT, we understand there are no two companies exactly alike, therefore we approach each project with the same methodology. Our software consultants and project specialists follow a proven design and implementation outline that help determine your business needs and identify your requirements that allow us to tailor each solution to your specific needs.

Key Benefits of ERP

  • Gain Better Business Insight
  • Consolidate Operational & Financial Information
  • Streamline Critical Processes
  • Manage Organizational Growth & Changing Conditions
  • Leverage Existing Microsoft Systems
  • Manage Financial Accountability & Compliance

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