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Optimize your operations with Microsoft Azure

The cloud is today’s preferred platform over on-site infrastructure. Scalability, robust security, and accessibility make the Azure the right choice for your business.

Azure makes it easy to migrate your business systems to the cloud. Applications and workloads can be deployed for secure internal or external use. If you can’t move everything to the cloud, a hybrid solution can make it possible to connect Azure-based applications with local software and data.

Planning your Azure cloud architecture

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Work like your existing setup

By analyzing how users interact with current systems and addressing pain points, we can help you create a modernized experience on Azure. Keep what works while improving your operations.

Secure sensitive resources

Easily scale

The Azure cloud is designed for scalability. With a well-designed architecture, Azure enables your data and applications to grow along with your business.

App integration

Supplement your other systems

We recognize that some organizations feel most comfortable running certain systems on-premise. Our designs can ensure that Azure plays well with your existing infrastructure.

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Ensure reliability and security

Services hosted on Microsoft Azure promise virtually zero downtime. The cloud enables your line of business applications to be secure and accessible for your staff and customers.

Gain competitive advantages with Microsoft Azure Services

Here’s a few Azure Services we recommend to help improve your operations.

Azure DevOps

Plan, track, and collaborate on application development across your teams

Azure Functions

Execute event-driven serverless code

Azure Logic Apps

Build powerful integration solutions for key enterprise scenarios

Azure Monitor

Collect, Analyze and act on telemetry from cloud and on-premises workloads

Azure Storage Accounts

Contain all your Azure Storage data objects

Azure Data Factory

Transform your data with cloud-based serverless data integration

Azure Synapse Analytics

Orchestrate, store, analyze, report on data using a data warehouse

Azure Sentinel

Gain intelligent security analytics with this cloud-native SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Intelligent Azure cloud engineering

Getting Started

At Arctic IT, we examine every detail of your existing network to help you improve your current operations while preparing your organization for growth.

Building a Solution Architecture

We roll up our sleeves to make sure all the pieces “fit” together. We can revise existing networks ported to the cloud and cater our engineering efforts to a cloud-native architecture.

Achieving Technology Goals

Whether moving from an onsite installation or from another provider, Arctic IT makes sure the transition is smooth and supports your business well into the future.

Ready to take your business to the next level with Microsoft Azure?


Microsoft’s continued commitment to innovation, backed by Arctic IT’s experience and expertise, means you can finally invest in modern technology with confidence. Our goal is to help you make decisions that make sense for your business, and that’s a promise.

Connect with us today to get the conversation started.

Go further with Cognitive Services

Cognitive services may sound like a thing of the future, but they are actually available for your organization to take advantage of today. The machine learning features offered by Microsoft Azure can analyze images, audio, and language from your data to provide an unprecedented level of knowledge to the user. We will work with you to identify the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation services that boost your operations without requiring machine-learning expertise.

Cognitive Services from Arctic IT