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Enable cross-departmental collaboration to improve and modernize service delivery for your citizens

GovCase™ Health & Human Services, our suite of software applications designed specifically for state and local governments, provides a holistic view of programs and services to measure outcomes and how funding is being utilized. Dashboard reports can be displayed through geographic, demographic or socioeconomic dimensions that provide visibility into program effectiveness to meet compliance requirements.

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Social Services Case Management

The GovCase Social Services Case Management application provides basic case management, tracking services rendered to citizens and relevant data needed to track outcomes. The application tracks recipients of services and communications between recipient and provider. Case level data rolls up to program level to give the granting agency views which show the efficacy of the program and provide the best outcomes for recipients.

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Program Management

To serve your community better, understanding how government programs perform is essential. The GovCase Program Management application helps you collect program data and aggregate the demographics of the people you serve. Access citizen programs via a centralized database that tracks and reports on participation and case history, and identify areas where services are needed by comparing eligibility requirements to existing community members.

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Grant Management

The GovCase Grant Management application is designed to allocate grant funding, such as block grants, to designated service providers. The solution will track funding among all providers who are granted monies and provide detailed reporting for accountability and compliance to the program charter.

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Citizen Portal

The GovCase Citizen Portal serves as a 24/7 engagement tool for citizens to self-evaluate program eligibility, manage personal profile information, and apply for services. Most of the time, people are unaware which programs are available to them because they don’t know if they meet the criteria necessary. This application allows each participant to run a pre-qualified assessment, which will guide them through the eligibility process. In addition, the portal provides them with a real-time view of their case status, where they can communicate with program managers, view their assistance history, and submit case information.


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Enhance your reporting capabilities and accessibility with GovCase

Case Management Lifecycle

  • 360-degree view of service delivery for constituents across all departments
  • Measure your program outcomes and community impact
  • Flexible reporting, analytics, and dashboards
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

Microsoft Cloud Solution

  • Cloud-native software (SaaS) available anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Monthly subscription includes updates, upgrades, and support (only pay for what you use, lower TCO)
  • Microsoft cloud ecosystem: Dynamics 365 in the GCC, Power Platform, Azure and more

Flexible and Agile Platform

  • Native integration to Microsoft 365 applications including Teams and Outlook
  • Use of a low-code/no-code application platform (LCAP) provides agility for future enhancements
  • Robust integration capabilities with your existing records systems and business applications

Software-as-a-Service Benefits

GovCase Software as a Service Benefits

Work anywhere, any time, and on any device


Regular, automated software updates

Cloud Lifecycle Management

Upgrades, unlimited support and maintenance included

Feature Enhancements

Ongoing updates based on user feedback


Integrations with Microsoft 365 and third-party apps

Security is unrivaled on the Microsoft cloud platform


Compliance Standards

Dynamics 365 in the GCC maintains compliance certification to FedRAMP, Section 508, HIPAA, ISO-27001, ISO-27018, and WCAG standards


Data Security

Data is secured and encrypted in the cloud at rest and in transit to the user’s browser when viewing

Secure Down to the Field Level

Data stays within defined boundaries to maintain overall security by user role, down to the field level

Add-On Services

Additional security services are available including fraud protection, data leak monitoring, and more

Cybersecurity Investment

Microsoft is quadrupling its cybersecurity investment to $20 billion over the next five years