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Doyon Shareholders

Doyon shareholder activities, outreach, and opportunities

Arctic IT® is proud to be a member of the Doyon, Limited family of companies. As a subsidiary of Doyon, an Alaska Native Company, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to positively contribute to the lives of Doyon shareholders. Today, there are over 20,000 Doyon shareholders.


How we support shareholders

Outreach Events

We actively participate in and organize various outreach events to engage with Doyon shareholders and create awareness about the exciting opportunities available within the technology sector.

Scholarship Support

We are proud to support scholarships distributed by the Doyon Foundation, ensuring that deserving Doyon shareholders have access to quality education and resources needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Technology Education and Support

Arctic IT provides Doyon shareholders with comprehensive education, information, and support on various technology careers.

Community Networking

We understand the importance of strong networks in advancing career opportunities. Arctic IT is committed to building a robust network within our communities, connecting Doyon shareholders with industry professionals and potential employers, and enhancing the opportunities available to them.

Professional Development

Arctic IT firmly believes in the continuous growth and development of Doyon shareholders. We offer support for professional development through workshops, training programs, and access to resources that empower shareholders to thrive in their careers.

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At Arctic IT, we believe in providing a diverse range of opportunities that appeal to the unique needs and aspirations of Doyon shareholders. We strive to empower shareholders, giving them the tools, knowledge, and experience they need to excel in the world of technology.

Arctic IT internship opportunities


Our internship program offers Doyon shareholders the chance to gain hands-on experience and develop valuable skills in a variety of roles and technology fields.

Being an intern with Arctic IT has given me a perfect opportunity to learn about the role of a project manager while also utilizing my work experience to help the team with some key projects. I have been able to see a project in each stage of the implementation process, hear the excitement in the voices of clients, and the genuine care of Arctic IT’s team members.”

April Waller

Project Management Intern, Arctic IT


Arctic IT hosts events and webinars for Doyon shareholders focused on technology, mentorship, and professional development Doyon shareholders.

Explore our previous presentations and upcoming events.

NSS Scholarship and Internship Fair 2024


Access to quality resources can guide and support your growth in the technology industry. We have curated a list of helpful resources for Doyon shareholders, including links to relevant organizations, educational institutions, and career support services. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Doyon Limited

Doyon Website

Explore the official website of Doyon Limited, featuring information about the company’s mission, values, subsidiaries, and opportunities for shareholders.

Doyon Foundation

Doyon Foundation

Learn about the scholarship programs, grants, and resources offered by the Doyon Foundation to support the education and career development of Doyon shareholders.

Alaska Native Hire

Alaska Native Hire

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UAA Native Student Services

Access resources, programs, and services designed to support the academic success, personal growth, and cultural identity of Alaska Native students at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP)

Join this innovative educational program that aims to increase the number of Alaska Native students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


Alaska Native Professional Association (ANPA)

Connect with other Alaska Native professionals, engage in mentorship, and discover networking opportunities through this membership-based organization.



Hone your coding skills and learn new programming languages through this interactive online learning platform.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Access a vast library of technology-focused online courses, tutorials, and workshops that can help you develop new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.


American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Stay connected with this national nonprofit organization focused on substantially increasing the representation of Indigenous peoples of North America and the Pacific Islands in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies and careers.  They offer scholarships, internships, career resources, and more.