Managed Services

Arctic IT was once again ranked among the top 501 MSPs globally and is the highest-ranked MSP in Penton Technology’s tenth-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition.

TotalCare by Arctic IT – Your complete network management solution

More and more, businesses today are reassessing their approach to IT – sometimes to save on cost, other times to enhance the value they get out of their existing IT budgets. The most successful businesses are able to strike the balance between containing and controlling their IT spend and ensuring maximum value for the investment. In Alaska, that means more and more businesses are turning to TotalCare by Arctic IT.

TotalCare by Arctic IT is a flat-rate solution that dramatically reduces the financial risk associated with IT maintenance, network monitoring, and end-user technical support. What does that mean? In the past, customers accepted all the financial risks associated with network outages and issues since IT providers were engaged only when there were problems – in short, providers profited from your “IT pain.”

In contrast, the TotalCare model shifts the financial risk and responsibilities associated with managing your network to us – your managed service provider (MSP). Instead of our success being tied to things breaking and needing repair, we only succeed when things continue to operate as they are meant to – smoothly and consistently with a minimal amount of interruption to your business.

Irrespective of how much time and energy we must invest in your systems and network to keep it running, your costs won’t change. With TotalCare by Arctic IT, we succeed together…as partners.

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