Platforms & Infrastructure

Network Design & Installation

A properly designed network is the electronic foundation for every organization. Careful planning and organization up front will prevent countless troubles once your system is up and running. If you are building or expanding your current network, our platform engineers will analyze your requirements and design a network to handle your present needs, while allowing for future expansion. If you are relocating, adding a remote office or looking to upgrade your existing system, Arctic IT can provide non-interrupted service to your organization.

Network Upgrades

Upgrading your network or desktop operating systems can lead to greater productivity and systems efficiency. Prior to upgrading, our experts will help you identify and solve issues that may slow down the upgrade process. Once an upgrade is implemented, Arctic IT will provide follow-up training so you can leverage the most out of your new investment.

Maintenance & Outsourced IT Services

A regularly scheduled IT service and maintenance contract is quickly becoming the industry standard among leading companies. The cost to employ a full time IT resource with certifications is expensive and not a full time requirement for your organization. A certified professional from Arctic IT will review your existing system and recommend a list of maintenance tasks that would be completed on a reoccurring basis for optimum system performance.

Network Documentation

Network Documentation is an accurate and detailed visual presentation of your existing network infrastructure, which helps you identify security issues, poor network performance, misallocation of servers and storage and license compliance. Prior to starting any major network upgrade project, it is essential to know how your existing system is configured and working. Our certified experts will analyze your system and provide detailed and illustrated documentation, from major hardware down to the finest details of desktop software. Your completed network documentation will provide a road map for future technical growth. Ask to see a sample of our work!

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Do you have a blueprint for achieving your business goals now and in the future? Partner with Arctic IT to create an enterprise architecture plan that addresses strategic goals and objectives, information requirements, relationships and technology infrastructure. Arctic IT supports our clients’ organizations as they prepare for the future at a comfortable and affordable pace.


Properly securing your data while providing ease of access to your network should be your number one concern. We find that many business owners only understand the vulnerability of their system once an attack has occurred. Arctic IT will analyze your existing system for security flaws and provide an executive summary outlining the correct configuration for your firewalls, proxies, and routers in order to best secure your system. We also specialize in wireless security, which allows for greater mobility and team collaboration across your office.

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