5 Reasons to Partner with an IT Managed Services Provider


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Partner with a Managed Services Provider

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September 20, 2019



It’s a given. Small to medium business owners (SMBs) need to leverage partnerships to achieve cost savings in everything they do.  In the area of technology, this means outsourcing some or all your IT needs to a service provider instead of hiring additional resources in-house – a business model that’s been successful for years.

Technology is changing every market.  Companies that are making company policy around technology are winning the fight against cyber crime because they respect what is going in the world and are willing to make the investment in network security.

The benefits of partnering with an advanced IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) go beyond value. It has become a critical partnership. When you choose an MSP, there are many considerations to weigh. Below we’ve summed up the priorities into five categories designed to ensure you are engaging into a successful partnership.

1. Cyber Security First / A Bulwark Against Cyber Threats

Merriam-Webster defines a bulwark as “a solid wall-like structure raised for defense; strong support or protection.”  How confident are you that your organization has a comprehensive bulwark against cyber threats?

Not a week goes by where there isn’t a headline about organizations’ systems held ransom, sensitive data being exfiltrated/breached, and money outright stolen via various nefarious means. Today’s threats are serious business in the criminal underworld.  These threats are at an unimaginable level – lead by organized crime and state actors looking to gain access to trade secrets, intellectual property, national infrastructure, and more.

Also, these threats often bring a significant risk of collateral damage to an organization’s reputation and brand in the marketplace.  Partner with an MSP that makes your security paramount, one that has protection woven throughout its processes, mindset, and approach.  This partner needs to live and breathe security as a first priority for their organization and yours.

2. Take a Proactive Approach to Your IT

Is your current IT strategy keeping up with your business goals?

To leverage technology as a tool to meet your business goals, it is a two-prong approach: manage your current needs while anticipating the future.

Choose an IT provider who can manage your current IT assets and provide IT strategy in line with your business goals.  This is critical to success in the modern economy.  This approach ensures that your team is adequately equipped to handle current and future needs with a set of agile tools in both on-premise and cloud technologies.

3. Amplify Productivity

When thinking about IT in your organization, does it conjure images of a boat anchor or a fulcrum? Are you weighed down?  Or, do you view your IT as a tool to help you make the most out of the resources you have?

Don’t let technical issues hamper your team’s ability to work to their fullest.

Slow and inefficient systems significantly impact your team’s productivity and act as a roadblock towards adopting new technology solutions.  A proactive IT partner will discuss the options to increase the productivity of your team.  While this could take the form of implementing something new, these conversations often revolve around making the most of your existing technology investments.  You don’t always have to invest in new technology to make a difference.

4. Leverage rapid technology changes

Are you taking advantage of the latest technology tools?

You’ve got customers. These customers usually come with ever-shifting expectations. To stay current on technology to serve them, you should be able to rely on your technology partner.  They can advise you on tools to help you maintain a competitive edge.  If you are not using the latest technology advancements, someone else is.

Business moves faster today than ever before and staying on top of changes in technology is a full-time job. Now more than ever, it is critical to have an IT partner who is keeping you well-informed on new options to benefit your organization.

Work with an MSP who will identify new opportunities, keep you aware of options, and help you to achieve your goals.

 5. Simplify Your IT

When’s the last time you optimized your IT systems operation?

Needless complexity is a drain on your organization. It is like stepping into quicksand. It robs you of the ability to rapidly pivot and take advantage of market opportunities that would otherwise be available. The right MSP will use their depth of experience to tackle inefficient systems and applications that impact productivity.

Partnering with an MSP provides you immediate access to a well-seasoned team so that you can scale faster and better leverage emerging technologies.  This partnership enables your organization to focus on the “big picture” instead of drowning in day-to-day IT needs.  To try and build a comparable team in-house would be an expensive and foolish endeavor.

Lastly, an MSP has the experience that it takes to migrate legacy systems and fully leverage the benefits of the latest cloud offerings.

Are you interested in partnering with an MSP and want to learn more?  Connect with us today to discover how ArcticCare, our award-winning managed services offering, can benefit your organization and bottom line.


By John Albee, Client Success Manager at Arctic IT