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Consolidated tracking and reporting for the National Park Service Law Enforcement Training

The National Park Service (NPS) Division of Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Services (LESES) provides guidance, training, and leadership to assist park managers and law enforcement staff in accomplishing NPS visitor and resource protection goals and objectives.

LESES law enforcement training is provided through the NPS Law Enforcement Training Center located in Brunswick, Georgia, and is responsible for NPS’s Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP). The FTEP is designed to train new permanent Law Enforcement Rangers so that each is prepared to function as a solo law enforcement ranger at the conclusion of their training cycle.

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The standard FTEP training cycle is 11 weeks of intensive on-the-job training divided into four operational training phases. Each phase is a programmed length of time that correlates to a set of tasks which must be learned by each trainee prior to the next phase. Field training begins in the classroom, then continues in various designated National Parks for real-world law enforcement encounters. The complexities of the FTEP require extensive reporting from start to finish. LESES was relying on multiple sources (Excel, Word, etc.) to record, track, and report on the progress of trainees in the program.


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NPS selected Arctic IT to build a Microsoft Power App, using seamless integration with Microsoft Dataverse and Azure Active Directory, that would encompass the training reporting requirements for LESES, including:

  • A daily observation report (DOR) reflecting what types of incidents the trainee encountered
  • A call log that captures the scope and volume of incidents/calls for service
  • Periodic performance reports throughout the program
  • Performance deficiencies, formally addressed through a Remedial Training Plan and Remedial Training Follow-Up
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the respective phases in order to successfully complete the FTEP

The flexibility and robust features of the Power Apps platform enabled Arctic IT to complete a majority of the application development over a span of four months – much quicker than a traditional app build for a project of this caliber.


The LESES Power App is actively deployed with 350 users and tracking more than 90 trainees in the FTEP. This tool helps LESES ensure new law enforcement officers are fully qualified to graduate by tracking their records as they progress through the program.

The entire program is now documented through a single system of record for NPS.

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