Doyon, Limited Acquires Arctic Information Technology, Inc.


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December 19, 2012



Doyon, Limited, the regional Native Corporation for Interior Alaska, announced today the December 14th acquisition of Arctic Information Technology, Inc. (Arctic IT), an industry leader in providing information technology (IT) infrastructure and business solutions. Arctic IT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Since 2003, Anchorage-based Arctic IT has been providing technical services for public and private customers throughout Alaska and nationwide through its offices in Seattle, WA and Parsippany, NJ. Arctic IT’s portfolio of services include implementation and support of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solutions, networking, infrastructure services, and managed services.
The acquisition of Arctic IT, based in Anchorage, Alaska, aligns with Doyon’s strategy to diversify into technology-based companies. The combination of Arctic IT’s knowledge, experience and partner resources with Doyon’s expertise in government contracting creates the potential for growth.

“Our acquisition of Arctic IT complements the direction our board of directors has outlined in Doyon’s five year plan.” stated Doyon, Limited president and chief executive officer, Aaron Schutt. “Growth and realizing increased profits to benefit our shareholders is always in the forefront for Doyon.”

Arctic IT will continue to operate under the same name, as a wholly owned indirect-subsidiary of Doyon, Limited. Arctic IT will operate under the company’s government contracting pillar, Doyon Government Group (DGG). DGG operates a line of business that includes specialized security services, as well as construction and construction management services. Arctic IT plans to continue to serve its current customer base as well as expand into new market areas currently served by DGG.

The acquisition of Arctic IT was carefully targeted to meet Doyon’s strategic goals and to ensure a good fit with Doyon’s values. Arctic IT received strong recommendations from industry leaders and the highest praise from its customers.

“We are very pleased to have invested in Arctic IT and positioned it as a growth company for DGG’s future,” said Kevin Slattery, senior vice president and general manager of DGG. “The Arctic IT management team is exceptional and we believe this is the perfect time to enter the information technology market. This acquisition is exactly the type of investment Doyon has been targeting and we expect it will be a great success.”

Arctic IT will continue to be led by its president, Steve Dike. Dike is a seasoned senior executive with 20 years of experience leading Arctic IT in the information technology sectors.

Dike stated, “When we started Arctic IT 10 years ago, we embraced the vision that IT could improve the way people worked – improving business process efficiencies and collaboration running on top of dependable infrastructure. By joining Doyon Government Group, we will now have ready access to additional expertise and resources that will enable us to scale and innovate even further. The accomplishments of the Arctic IT team over the past years are impressive and we look forward to being a part a larger family of companies who provide value to Doyon, Limited. ”

Arctic IT employs over 30 people in Alaska, Washington, and New Jersey. DGG plans to expand operations to the Washington, DC area via its current operations in Chantilly, VA.

Headquartered in Fairbanks, Doyon, Limited has more than 18,700 shareholders and was established under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Doyon, Limited one of the top 10 Alaskan-owned companies, is also the largest private landowner in Alaska and one of the largest in North America. Its mission is to continually enhance its position as a financially strong Native corporation in order to promote the economic and social well-being of its shareholders and future shareholders, to strengthen its Native way of life, and to protect and enhance its land and resources. For more information, visit