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Choose Arctic IT for Dynamics 365 End-User Training

When adopting new technology, you need a partner that prioritizes the planning and delivery of training to your staff.

At Arctic IT, we understand that training for your new Microsoft software is key to the success of implementation across your organization. We develop and deliver custom software training content for your users so that you don’t have to!

Our content is designed to take end-users through their daily business processes in ways that make logical sense, especially to end-users who may have limited technical savviness. Our goal is to present material that is easy for non-technical users to understand, whether the training is delivered through remote sessions, on-site sessions, or eLearning.


Favorite Training Formats

Our custom training offerings can be delivered to you in a way that works best for your organization’s culture of learning, size, location, and other variables. Arctic IT will work with you to come up with the best recommendation for your organization’s unique training needs.

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Train-the-Trainer (On-site or Remote)

An Arctic IT trainer trains key Subject Matter Experts and leaders at your organization on using the software. These leaders get ample time with the Arctic IT trainer to learn, practice hands-on exercises with the system, and ask questions. After attending Arctic IT’s training, the leaders receive copies of the training content and go on to train groups of end-users within your organization. Great for organizations with many departments or a large number of users and for building system knowledge across the organization.

End-User Training

End-User Training (On-site or Remote)

An Arctic IT trainer trains end-users on how to complete their business processes in the new system. A good solution for small organizations with a limited number of users.



For shorter, introductory training topics, webinars train users remotely on the concept or product. These classes are typically conducted remotely for an hour-long duration.

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For organizations with an LMS (Learning Management System) and an LMS Support Team, Arctic IT trainers can design and create training videos and documents to be uploaded into eLearning courses. While Arctic IT does not currently offer Course Authoring services to build the SCORM-compliant eLearning course, we can provide your LMS Team with a course’s materials like training videos, quiz questions, verbiage, images, and resource documents.

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Popular Training Deliverables

Our training offerings come with custom materials branded for your organization. These tools are designed to add value to your tech investment through documentation for your system’s users. Additionally, the documents are made in editable ways – usually using Microsoft Word or Powerpoint — so that they remain living documents that you can continue to update as your business changes and grows.

Some of our best-selling training deliverables include:

Training Slide Deck
Slide Decks: Facilitate a discussion on concepts, workflows, and processes. Can also include instructor’s notes and scripts so they can be used by future trainers at your organization as well.

Quick Reference Guides
Quick Reference Guides: Also referred to as Job Aides, One-Pagers, or Cheat Sheets. These short documents help learners review a specific task in a concise guide.

Lab Exercises
Learning Labs: Similar to Quick Reference Guides, these more in-depth guides support hands-on learning by providing exercises for users.

Training Videos
Training Videos: Short, process-based videos can provide more visual learners with demonstrations of how key processes are completed in the new system. These are often a key part of any training delivered via eLearning.

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When you need a heavy hitter

In addition to end-user training, Arctic IT’s support bench runs deep. We have the team to deliver system admin training and comprehensive product-focused training.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve shown our investment in their software, platform and infrastructure. We back this up by investing in the human resources necessary to make technology work. These employees are aware of what’s coming soon, the benefits of using new technology, and how to apply it to real-world problems.

Our highly experienced, senior consultants are experts in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. We have consultants that have been recognized by Microsoft for their experience and knowledge of Dynamics 365. Our team of experts includes

Arctic IT Support

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You can depend on the experts at Arctic IT to develop a solid training plan to support your next technology implementation.

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