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Empower your organization with advanced insights into your data using powerful business intelligence tools from Microsoft and Solver.


Data is only as useful as your ability to analyze it. Large data sets referred to as “big data” take considerable processing without the proper business intelligence applications. Arctic IT implements Microsoft and Solver systems that transform your datasets to gain deeper understanding into your operations.

Microsoft Power BI Data Analytics

Business intelligence driven by Arctic IT and Microsoft

Manually parsing through operational records puts you behind in today’s business climate. With the amount of information your organization collects daily, it’s time to update to a modern platform for data analysis. Choose an analytic system that can organize information and “think” about it too.

Arctic IT implements business intelligence and AI solutions powered by Microsoft’s cloud platforms. Microsoft Power BI aggregates information from various sources with an enterprise-level reporting engine. It provides you with instant insights across configurable, intuitive dashboards.

We assess your current data collection methods and design solutions that best suit your business needs. After implementation, we teach your team how to navigate the new system and maximize the relevance of your data analytics. You will be able to refine operations, make better decisions, and increase your revenue.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards and Reporting Business Intelligence

Add Power BI to your arsenal

Microsoft Power BI runs in the cloud and can act independently of other services. Connectors built into the system – and those available through Microsoft AppSource – allow users to pull in standalone files, data from web resources, and information from other cloud platforms for analysis. On-premises data connection is also available through Microsoft’s Data Gateway. You can drill down on employee performance metrics, financial data, system diagnostics, and much more – anything that collects information is fair game for reporting.

» If your organization wants to process immense amounts of data, there’s a solution for that too. Ask us about Microsoft Azure Data Lake for massive processing endeavors!

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Key features of Microsoft Power BI

Intuitive visual reporting

Intuitive visual reporting

Power BI organizes data into interactive dashboards using visualizations and makes it easy to understand intricate data compositions, reducing the time it takes for analysts to interpret information.

Automation through Power BI dataflows

Automation through Power BI dataflows

Dataflows help transform your data, reducing the time needed to perform complex data preparation activities, resulting in better reports in less time.

High capacity processing

High capacity processing

The processing power of Power BI enables you to analyze trillions of records on any device. Your information is indexed to increase the response time when generating your reports. No more waiting.

Continually evolving

Continually evolving

The Power BI service incorporates machine learning through AI, enabling the system to constantly learn as it processes data. New features are made available monthly, expanding the application’s capabilities.

Performance management solutions from Solver BI360

Performance management technology by Solver

Another great business intelligence solution for corporate enterprises is BI360 from Solver. Arctic IT chooses BI360 for its modern, easy-to-use web and excel interfaces, as well as its robust capabilities for reporting, budgeting, and data warehouse. Its powerful reporting functionality includes out-of-the-box integrations to many of the world’s most popular ERP systems. We can deploy this solution on premise or in the cloud.

If you’re unsure which business intelligence product is best for your organization, rely on the experts at Arctic IT to recommend the optimal solution for your needs.

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There is power in the data you collect. Leverage data analytics at your business to better understand your operations and increase profits. With business intelligence systems, you can utilize modern methods to understand and predict the direction of your industry.

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