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January 27, 2017



Tribal gaming organizations operate in an ever-changing industry and are competing to attract guests.  Player development is an important Marketing function to bring in new gaming customers in addition to maintaining existing casino patrons that are profitable to the gaming organization.  Casino Hosts are the face of this Marketing team that the casino patron is familiar and become the “go-to” person when a problem arises.

Casino Hosts are always looking for innovative ways to have guest information “just in time” to congratulate guests that have a successful day and provide offers to guests if their play is not in their favor.  Being aware of the situation on the floor gives a Casino Host tools to connect with their active guests and provide a “personal touch” to make a connection and impCasino Management Player 365 rove the guest experience.

Player Development is a key program that can enable your Casino Host staff to become a critical revenue generating part of your casino.  Tribal Platforms™ PLAYER 365 solution can be a tool to provide information to create a group of “rock star” Casino Hosts.

Tribal Platforms™ PLAYER 365 is a mobile-enabled solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that provides a holistic view of a player and their gaming activity within the casino.  Key benefits include:

  • Player profile and contact information for guests assigned to a Casino Host
  • Player summary and gaming activity in real-time with “My Players on the Floor” showing the current player location to make them easy to find
  • Access Player historical gaming activity of each visit including Theoretical Win summaries in addition to game preference and play statistics.
  • Available Player offers with recently used incentives to encourage players to take advantage of all available offers and discover player preferences
  • “Player Touch” details with reminders to invite guests to return to participate in events. Collect guest contact notes in a single place for multiple Hosts to review

Player Management Redefined

Casino Hosts are looking for ways to have guest information when they are on the casino floor. Get your Casino Hosts out of the office and out in the action being in contact with guests.  Knowing when a guest is “on the floor” and where they are located provides Hosts an ability to prioritize guest contacts and spend their time wisely.  Putting this powerful information on a mobile device that updates in real-time allows Hosts to spend more time face to face with high-value guests.

Casino Hosts ability to take electronic notes after a guest conversation frees them from excess paperwork or forgetting details.  These electronic notes are always available and allow any Casino Host to assess the “Last Player Touch” date and work to reconnect.


Across the Tribal Gaming Industry, organizations invest in Casino Hosts to engage guests and build a stronger relationship.  Tribal Platforms™ PLAYER 365 provides information and insight so that Hosts can significantly improve guest relations.   The goal is to allow a Casino Host to expand their customer service to help guests feel valued and treat them like VIP’s which results in improved guest loyalty and higher revenue.

By Bryan Schmidt, Consulting Manager – Development, Business Applications, Arctic Information Technology [email protected].