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AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation

Evolve your processes with Microsoft cognitive services.

Data is generated every day. Decisions need to be made. We need systems that react intelligently and consistently. Cognitive services is the art of enabling technology to interact with humans in a more sophisticated way. Enhance the way you interact with customers, make decisions and solve complex issues with the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation.


Cognitive Services from Arctic IT
Artificial Intelligence Translation Capabilities

Incorporating AI in your business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine service that can see, analyze and give results similar to humans. It can detect faces, objects, identify emotions, count people, identify images, the meaning of text and the sentiment behind it.

Creating applications with AI comes with challenges and can be costly, however, Microsoft has done the heavy lifting by building a collection of intelligent algorithms and applications that give developers a plug-and-play solution with AI. Arctic IT can help you customize these pre-trained models to extend your existing applications. The result is a flexible and cost-conscious solution: you get big-data analytics and sophisticated technology for a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

In addition, AI is used to enhance security and compliance within industry standards such as SOC, ISO, and HIPAA. Many of today’s cyber security tools rely on AI to digest and alert security professionals to potential risks at an unprecedented scale. Without AI, it would be impossible to keep up with the infusion of technology into every aspect of life. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence services analyze and apply logic to provide actionable data.

We use this technology to assess your current data collection methods and design solutions that best suit your business needs. After implementation, we train your team in how to navigate the new system and maximize the relevance of your data analytics. You will be able to tune and refine operations and make better decisions faster!

Machine learning with Microsoft Azure

Azure Machine Learning icon

Azure Machine Learning

Cognitive services are becoming a staple in technology from security systems, analytics engines, diagnostic services, and more. The machine learning features offered by Microsoft Azure can analyze images, audio, and language to provide an unprecedented level of knowledge to the user.

We train your computer to recognize text or imagery, and the computer learns a task by repeating a series of commands. Then, you’re able to intelligently sift through your data to create meaningful decisions and predictions like never before.

If you don’t want your data going into Azure, Microsoft offers cognitive services in containers. You can run the same model and point it to your local server while using machine learning. Your data stays secure in your environment – all while having access to highly trained models that can run conveniently on your laptop.

Azure Logic Apps icon

Azure Logic Apps

Imagine being able to integrate the best of your processes by connecting existing applications and services with a tool that can bring them together in an easy-to-manage workflow. We can help you deploy Azure Logic Apps to combine storage, processing, communication, and business services to better respond to the needs of your customer or operations.

Arctic IT is deploying Azure Logic Apps to build sophisticated applications put in motion to accomplish data migration and data transformation workflows. By kicking in Logic Apps, our team lets technology do the work typically done by a software engineer, thereby saving thousands on the project budget.

Optimize your operations with Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) plays a huge role in advancing technology in every sector. And, by 2025, the impact of RPA is going to be upwards of $7 Trillion. RPA compliments your operation by combining automation and manual processes. A computer (or a robot) can execute a task or process to replace human intervention. At its most sophisticated level, RPA takes on a large number of tasks to reduce manual work so that humans can be better deployed. Reduce the time it takes for your operations to complete a task, perform inquiries and transactions, make calculations, and reduce workload costs.

RPA is accelerated through the Microsoft Power Platform with Power Automate. Drag-and-drop actions can be built through Power Automate Desktop to seamlessly connect all your repetitive desktop applications without a big upfront investment.

If your organization has high-volume/high-value processes, we can help you get started with RPA to remain competitive. It can significantly decrease your handling time and ensure 24/7 business continuity. Contact us today to learn more about what Cognitive Services can do for your organization.

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