Management Team


Sharon Miller

Favorite quote

“Find a job that you like and add five days to every week” – H. Jackson Browne Jr.

What do you love about your job/working for AIT?

I am blessed every day to work with a team that I have helped build over the past 8 years and now continuing the collaboration and caring in the future. I am always energized by the good work and passion of all the team members at AIT. I am grateful to be here.


Human Resources professional for over 16 years with a primary focus on recruiting, training and employee engagement in the IT business sector.


Talent acquisition, strategic planning, training, project management and employee engagement.


Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Minnesota

Charities I support

The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Roger Maris Benefit Golf Tournament, Creating Care for Reaching Independence (CCRI, Inc.), Wounded Warriors Project

Places I have lived

Germany, North Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, Philippines, North Dakota


I love traveling within the USA and beyond, shopping for that special something, baseball games under the stars, walking the beach, reading autobiographies and finding that fun tidbit in a favorite magazine.

Fun Facts

As an Army brat with parents that saw value in travel, there is nothing like experiencing new places around the world or in your backyard – As a farm wife, there is nothing like a beautiful field of wheat swaying in the breeze on a summer evening – As a granddaughter of a respected businessman, there is nothing more important than working hard in your job – As a mother and grandmother, there is nothing like the joys of your children’s accomplishments and personal happiness – As a friend, there is nothing like knowing someone has your back.