Dynamics 365 + Player 365 Enables Casino Hosts with Master Customer Data to Drive Revenue


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August 13, 2019


Casino Operations | Player 365
The number one goal for casino hosts: develop a working relationship with their guests. A happy guest is most likely to spend more time (and money) at your casino. Even better, they are most likely to return.

Imagine having a tracking device on each of your players. If your marketing team had a full 360-degree view of guest activity, they could easily identify areas for growth and tailor marketing tactics designed to increasing guest spending on property. You’d be able to anticipate their every need.

Are you leaving money on the table? Guests are likely spending money on non-gaming activities while they are onsite – and capturing that data will help you to understand where and when the opportunity is to “upsell” them in your restaurants, or at your hotel. If your casino management system only captures guest gaming activity – you are missing out on other ways to connect with your guests.

Serve both your marketing and host/player development staff better by bringing guest activities into a “single pane of glass” with an application that captures revenue opportunity in real time.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM platform with Arctic IT’s Player 365 solution accelerator utilizes a centralized “Master Customer Data” record that gives your teams the ability to:

  1. Track real-time customer spend across all guest groups
  2. Assign multiple roles with various levels of secure access
  3. Personalize the experience for each guest on the property
  4. Engage through social media to reach players off-site
  5. Uncover opportunities to drive casino revenue through current and future customers

Player 365’s multi-channel integration allows you to track guest activity across the entire property (including overall spend). Consider a round at the golf course, a visit to an on-premise restaurant/bar, or attending a performance at the event center. All these activities provide a total picture of customer “spend” for a single visit.

Multi-Channel Integration with Player 365

Player 365 is a secure mobile-enabled solution for casino hosts designed to capture all customer encounter details. Hosts can run a search for players currently “active” on the gaming floor and locate the player in real time. Once your host engages with a guest, they can immediately record a note of the interaction using their mobile device with the Player 365 Player Touch feature.

Additionally, the host has visibility to the history of “Player Touches” and can schedule a follow-up reminder for the next Player Touch.

Player 365 Player Touch

Marketing teams can use Player 365, with its fully-integrated marketing solution, to automate customer connection scenarios. Guests will receive automatic notification when they achieve a player promotion or are invited to a VIP event. The marketing solution interacts with the customer the way they want to be contacted including email, SMS text, phone call, or direct mail.

Casino hosts can also leverage the integrated marketing features to reach their assigned customers face-to-face. If your host records an interaction, it can be seen by the next staff member. This feature is invaluable for casinos that have multiple ways to connect with a VIP on a single visit.

Player Activity Dashboard in Player 365

As you can see from the table above, Abraham provided feedback on how much he likes his VIP benefits.  So, the next time you pull up his record, you can reference his comments and give him a discount coupon on his favorite restaurant or hotel activity. It’s an added touch that keeps your guests happy and loyalty high. As we all know, it is easier to retain a current guest than to look for new ones.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform from Microsoft with Arctic IT’s Player 365 solution accelerator enables your casino staff to collect relevant customer data in a single system – available anytime, anyplace, on any device. The increased engagement will help them drive customer revenue and enhance customer loyalty for your business.

Want to know more? If you’d like to see a demo of Player 365, we have a recorded webinar that walks you through the features and benefits of this powerful tool. Check it out today or contact us for more information.

By Bryan Schmidt, Pre-Sales Solution Architect at Arctic IT.