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TribalWise: Procurement & Inventory for Government, Gaming and Tribal Enterprise

You’re invited to Procurement & Inventory for Government, Gaming and Tribal Enterprise A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Join this webinar to learn how tribal governments and enterprises are thriving with the latest ERP technology for procurement and inventory. Arctic IT’s Matt Borkowski will demonstrate how these applications are flexible, scalable, and secure. Thursday, March… Read more

TribalWise: Phishing Attack Prevention for Tribes

Join us for Phishing Attack Prevention for Tribes A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Did you know 91% of all data breaches start with an email? Arctic IT’s Chief Information Officer Phil Jackson delivers this important webinar on the Top 10 Ways to spot a phishing email, as well as how to protect your organization… Read more

TribalWise: Modernizing Member Management

You’re invited to Modernizing Member Management A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Join Arctic IT’s Bryan Schmidt and Rob Jacobs as we discuss: The top 5 challenges in providing services to members The modern technology solution that can save the day A call to action to help you make a difference in your tribal organization… Read more

TribalWise: Tribal Technology 2020

Join us for Tribal Technology 2020: Security for a new decade A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT What are your organizational goals for the New Year? Arctic IT’s CTO/Interim CEO Dave Bailey walks you through technology priorities to discuss and execute including: The shifting tide – why tribes are embracing the cloud Security is not… Read more

Tribal Platforms: Family Wellness Special Preview

Join us for an insider look at Arctic IT’s newest application built on Dynamics 365 – Tribal Platforms: Family Wellness Learn how this application supports family and individual engagement with the proper tribal resources and programs to navigate through difficult situations and promote overall family wellness. To view the webinar recording, please send an email… Read more

Tribes are Harnessing Power BI, BI 360 and Player 365 for Real-time Data

Business Intelligence is big buzzword in the technology space right now, but it is big for a reason. In nearly every industry, organizations are realizing more and more that they need the ability to see current information in meaningful ways to help make better decisions. Data needs to be immediate to be timely. Looking at… Read more

While the tribal community has been historically slow to adopt cloud technologies, more and more the Tribal Gaming community is taking advantage of the speed of deployment, agile scaling, increased availability, and lower total cost of ownership that cloud technologies offer.   This trend is particularly true with accounting and ERP technologies, especially Intacct.  Intacct… Read more

April 10-13 – Join Arctic IT in San Diego for the Indian Gaming Conference!  As the longest running gaming tradeshow in history, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention delivers the insight and strategies you need to rise to the top of the competitive gaming industry landscape. Meet industry leaders, access cutting-edge trends and celebrate a proud tradition… Read more

Providing high quality service to tribal members is a key priority for nearly all tribal governments.  When we think about high quality service, our first thought often goes to the types of services offered. But in the modern digital age where we can get quick responses to questions, requests, and other customer service offerings, tribes… Read more