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Cloud Managed Services for Tribal Organizations

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September 23, 2021



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Eliminate vulnerabilities by shifting your technology to the cloud

Cyber criminals are targeting tribes

The urgency behind digital transformation has never been more pertinent. Tribal governments and enterprises have increasingly made headlines as ransomware targets in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened matters, as the scramble for remote workforce enablement expanded the cyberattack surface for many organizations. After the 2020 SolarWinds attack breached state, local and tribal government (SLTG) databases, the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee called for action on “mitigating vulnerabilities and reducing legacy information technology that serve as open doors to malicious hackers.” As such, there is an imminent need for tribes to modernize technology systems to defend against today’s sophisticated cyberthreats.

The solution for modern workforce security

When it comes to protecting your technology investments and operations, your ideal scenario should look something like

  • Moving workloads to the cloud
  • Investing in the latest security tools
  • Implementing compliance and security policies
  • Hiring experienced, certified IT staff
  • Relying on responsive service and support
  • Training and testing your team on cybersecurity awareness

All of these facets are crucial to operational security today, but individually they can come at a hefty price tag. Imagine having everything in one affordable solution, including the latest cloud office applications on the market (you’re probably already paying for).

A Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) can offer this and more for tribal organizations on Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 Business Premium and E3 subscriptions are ideal for medium-size (50-300 users) to enterprise (over 300 users) tribal governments and businesses looking for access to Office 365 business applications and the latest Windows operating system with leading-edge security built-in. Microsoft 365 allows staff to get their work done securely from anywhere on any device, as long as they have an internet connection. As previously mentioned, this has become the standard for modern business continuity.

What to expect from a Cloud Managed Services Provider

A reliable Cloud MSP will have certified IT experts on staff who deliver operational security and integrity 24/7 as an extension of your tribe’s technology team. Partnering with a Cloud MSP should enhance your security posture while freeing your IT team to focus on delivering services and advancing tech for your organization.

Services offered may include:

IT Systems and Network Management 

Cloud MSPs can deploy a combination of tools and Microsoft 365 features on every endpoint (computer, tablet, etc.) to monitor and protect you 24x7x365. They manage routine updates and patches for your Microsoft products, at a minimum, and other commonly used business software programs, ideally. This may include support for ISP & DNS management, firewall management, VPN management, asset management, and more.

Recurring Training

Training should offer a blend of Microsoft 365 training tips and tricks with recurring training on cybersecurity awareness. With rapidly evolving technology in the cloud, it’s important to keep your team sharp on the Office 365 Suite, from the basics such as Outlook, Excel, and Word to the newer cloud-driven tools included in the licensing such as Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. There are many other tools bundled in Microsoft 365 at users’ disposal, but most of your employees won’t engage in what they don’t know how to use. Education is paramount regarding who you choose to partner with to drive efficiency in tool utilization.

Unlimited Help Desk Support

Cloud MSPs employ trained support specialists who are ready to help you when you need it. Typically on call 24/7 with unlimited support during business hours, support can be delivered through various tactics, including help desk, remote access, or on-site visits, depending on the severity of the support issue. Ticket requests are often submitted through phone, email, or live chat communications.

Security Awareness Testing (Phish Testing) 

There is perhaps no greater importance than creating a “human firewall” with security awareness culture at your company. Cloud MSPs can provide regular staff testing by simulating phishing attacks on your organization. This testing is designed to train employees on the catastrophic results of clicking on dangerous links, underscoring the importance of education. The results yield actionable reporting metrics and identify at-risk team members for training.

Strategic Partnership and IT Governance

You should expect regular reports from your Cloud MSP to review everything from Microsoft 365 alerts and actions, tickets generated, the list of endpoints covered in your network, etc. You can also expect periodic recurring meetings to go over help desk support metrics, progress reports, and recommendations on technology that may improve your business operations. Plus, an annual strategic planning session to review how the MSP’s services are aligned with your vision and needs. If you’re already subscribed to Microsoft 365 licensing, you may have looked into or heard mention of the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center held within your tenant. You should expect a Cloud MSP to help you organize its comprehensive settings to align with your security needs and positioning after a guided conversation of what is possible.

Advanced Security Monitoring

Cloud MSPs can leverage an advanced security toolset at scale to maintain a constant eye on your vital IT infrastructure. Active exploit mitigation, advanced email threat protection, and real-time security and infrastructure reporting are a few ways MSP staff respond quickly to threats to your business data.

Cloud to Cloud (C2C) Backup

You can leverage an additional service through your Cloud MSP to back up all of your Office 365 Outlook/Exchange, Teams/SharePoint, and OneDrive data against accidental and intentional loss. This multi-cloud strategy is like having a safety net for all your data.

Hybrid Server Backup and Maintenance

Cloud MSPs can use a hybrid server backup solution that combines the best features of an on-premises backup solution with the benefits of the cloud. With this hybrid approach, your critical server data is protected on local backup hardware for faster backup and data recovery, while also ensuring your data is safely stored in the cloud – safe from fire, flooding, or natural disasters that may strike your place of business.

Compliance Level Audit Support

Advanced Cloud MSPs can provide support for PCI, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements. They employ certified security professionals who understand your organization’s specific needs if you are bound by Local, State, and Federal requirements regarding patient/consumer privacy.

Microsoft 365 License Management

The right partner will help you get the most out of your subscriptions, so you only pay for what you need. They can assist in provisioning your licenses, assigning subscriptions, and managing your renewals.

We can help

If you’re ready to modernize and secure your tribal operations, Arctic IT is here to help. As your cloud managed services and security partner, we are committed to helping you migrate and secure your operations in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With more robust security and compliance, predictable IT costs, and faster support when you need it, you’ll benefit from technology and services that evolve with you as you grow.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Arctic IT’s cloud managed services can do for you, connect with us today at [email protected] or request a quote.

Andres G, Account Executive at Arctic IT

By Andres Gonzalez, Account Executive at Arctic IT