Navigating AI Leadership: Balancing Opportunities and Governance


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Navigating AI Leadership Webinar

Publish Date

April 11, 2024



AI | Artificial Intelligence | Leadership

Leading your organization through the AI revolution

Not sure where to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Wondering how your team can adopt AI safely? You’re in luck! Arctic IT is teaming up with a panel of technology companies for an AI presentation designed for leaders like you. Our AI experts will share both the power of what’s possible as well as guardrails to consider in order to adopt AI safely.

Our speakers include

  • Greg Starling, Head of Emerging Technologies for Doyon Technology Group, the managing company that oversees Arctic IT and designDATA
  • Patrick Ciccarelli, Founder of Varsity, a California-based technology provider
  • Erik Haas, Vice President of designDATA and moderator for our discussion

There is no time better than now for business leaders to embrace AI for their team. We’ll get you started with the steps you need to take now to ensure AI works securely for you today and in the future.