TribalWise: Modern ERP Solutions for Tribes

You’re invited to Modern ERP Solutions for Tribes A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Join this webinar to learn how tribal governments and enterprises are thriving with the latest ERP technology. Arctic IT’s Matt Borkowski will demonstrate how these applications are flexible, scaleable, and secure. Thursday, March 12, 2020 @1pm ET/12pm CT on GoToWebinar  … Read more

TribalWise: Phishing Attack Prevention for Tribes

Join us for Phishing Attack Prevention for Tribes A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Did you know 91% of all data breaches start with an email? Arctic IT’s Chief Information Officer Phil Jackson delivers this important webinar on how to protect your organization from a phishing attack. We’ll provide attendees with a ready-to-use training deck… Read more

TribalWise: Modernizing Member Management

You’re invited to Modernizing Member Management A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT Join Arctic IT’s Bryan Schmidt and Rob Jacobs as we discuss: The top 5 challenges in providing services to members The modern technology solution that can save the day A call to action to help you make a difference in your tribal organization… Read more

TribalWise: Tribal Technology 2020

Join us for Tribal Technology 2020: Security for a new decade A TribalWise webinar by Arctic IT What are your organizational goals for the New Year? Arctic IT’s CTO/Interim CEO Dave Bailey walks you through technology priorities to discuss and execute including: The shifting tide – why tribes are embracing the cloud Security is not… Read more

Tribal Platforms: Family Wellness Special Preview

Join us for an insider look at Arctic IT’s newest application built on Dynamics 365 – Tribal Platforms: Family Wellness Learn how this application supports family and individual engagement with the proper tribal resources and programs to navigate through difficult situations and promote overall family wellness. To view the webinar recording, please send an email… Read more

Dynamics 365: The Modern ERP

Join us for Dynamics 365:The Modern ERP – a finance and operations webinar for tribal governments and enterprise presented by Arctic IT. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is the hottest application suite on the market. We discuss and demo this fully integrated ERP solution that will digitally transform your tribal government and enterprise operations.     In… Read more

Cybersecurity 2020: Your Protection Game Plan

Join Arctic IT for the latest in cybersecurity fundamentals to help you prepare for 2020. Are you ready for 2020? Dave Bailey, our CTO and interim CEO, discusses the trend in cyber attacks across the U.S., why having an “IT Guy” isn’t enough, and the top 10 cybersecurity best practices for a secure organization. As… Read more

Block and Tackle Email Threats with Special Guest Barracuda

It’s game time! The best defense is a strong defense. Gear up and get the information you need to keep your staff and your network safe. All attendees will receive a complimentary Office 365 environment threat scan, so you can see firsthand how you stack up to the cyber threat competition.     — Barracuda… Read more

Securing Your Server Environments with Special Guest Sophos

Join Arctic IT for an important presentation on securing your server environments. Whether cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, servers are your organization’s most important assets. Arctic IT along with special guest Sophos bring you this special presentation on: The cyber threat landscape that exists today Important safety and security measures Anti-ransomware and cross-estate threat detection/remediation and… Read more

Dark Web Monitoring: Preventing a Data Breach

Join Arctic IT for an important presentation on Dark Web Monitoring: Preventing a Data Breach. Compromised credentials are one of the most common sources of data breaches. They can cripple an organization in the blink of an eye, and cyber thieves waste no time selling them on the Dark Web. Wondering how criminals get your credentials… Read more