Top 10 Game-Changing Features in Dynamics 365 Finance


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Top 10 Game-changing features in Dynamics 365 Finance webinar

Publish Date

May 16, 2024


Dynamics 365 Finance | ERP

Are you ready to master the latest Dynamics 365 Finance updates in versions 39 and 40?

Join Arctic IT and MSDynamicsWorld for an expert breakdown on the most impactful updates from versions 39 and 40 for Dynamics 365 Finance users.

Our team’s passion at Arctic IT is to support end users on this powerful application. That’s why we recruited one of our Senior Support Consultants, John Wainwright, and Director of Business Application Sales, Matt Borkowski, to guide us through the exciting changes on the horizon for Dynamics 365 Finance.

In this power-packed one-hour session, we’ll show you:

  • The latest features from version 39 and 40 updates
  • A demo of the top 10 game-changing features you can use today to save time and increase productivity
  • A sneak preview of impactful features coming in version 41 and 42