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Arctic IT - Who We Are

In 2003, Arctic IT began providing accounting software in Anchorage, Alaska. Since then, our company has greatly expanded our offerings and footprint throughout Alaska and “the Lower 48” states. Our unique business model allows us to attract and retain the best talent from anywhere in the country. Today, we serve clients across America in multiple verticals.

People at Arctic IT

Tenacious Ingenuity®

Our tagline, Tenacious Ingenuity, was born from a survey conducted in 2017 by an outside agency. Our valued clients affirmed that we hustle, we are persistent, we understand people, we listen, and we do whatever it takes to make them successful. In short, we are Tenacious.

Additionally, they acknowledged that we are well trained, technically savvy, we have great attention to detail, and we display amazing professionalism in creating outstanding solutions. Regardless of the challenge, Arctic IT will find a way to make it work. We are Ingenious.

No better words describe Arctic IT’s culture than Tenacious Ingenuity. Our bold spirit delivers enormous value in the critical phase where many organizations fail – finishing strong.

Consider an example from football. Many teams often move the ball up and down the field with ease, but can’t score.

Champions must thrive in the “red zone” (the last 20 yards). In business, so many companies fail because they can’t thrive in “the last mile” (the final details).

Like a championship football team, companies must have world-class, talented team members who consistently succeed where others fail. Arctic IT is that trusted, go-to team member who makes things happen when others come up short. We know how to finish strong and win.

Arctic IT Values


We simplify technology.