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Microsoft Certified Trainer

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February 7, 2023


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When implementing new Microsoft technology, the most important factor to its success is user adoption. To make this happen, you need well-trained staff.

Training is often overlooked in project planning, but it is the best way to ensure the return on your technology investment. You will want to hire a trainer who can customize your training program to your unique department and individual needs and has the ability to make sense of new processes for your team. A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) or Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) will leverage the right resources to create a training program that is suitable, preferred, and scientifically proven to assist in the best user adoption of the new technology.

How to get started with a Microsoft certified trainer

First, partner with a company that places a large emphasis on training and has Microsoft certified trainers on staff. In fact, Microsoft certifications should also be important to their consultants, developers, and support team.

Microsoft certifications exist to confirm a person has knowledge of the everchanging landscape of Microsoft products. They are globally recognized and serve as industry-endorsed evidence of mastering skills in digital and cloud environments. When you work with a Microsoft certified trainer, be rest assured your consultant is up to date on the latest technology and is specially trained to transfer that knowledge to end users.

Why you should hold out for a Microsoft certified trainer

A Microsoft certified trainer is someone who has proven their excellence in the Microsoft community. They are verified through rigorous online proctoring to not only train on Microsoft products, but to apply best practices for both in-person and virtual classrooms. A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) are two different trainer certifications offered by Microsoft.

What’s the difference between a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)?

Microsoft Certified Trainers are defined by Microsoft as “the premiere technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies.” Professionals with MCT status have demonstrated expertise in Microsoft technologies and have been certified to deliver official Microsoft training customized to individuals and organizations. MCTs are skilled in designing and delivering engaging training sessions, and have the knowledge and experience needed to help others build their technical skills and become more proficient with Microsoft products and services. They have access to a community of other MCTs along with exclusive access to Microsoft verified lab materials, additional study guides, and lesson plans.

A Microsoft Certified Educator, on the other hand, is a person who has been certified to use Microsoft technology in educational settings. The MCE certification verifies that the educator has the skills and knowledge needed to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practice and support student learning. MCEs are trained to use Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 apps, and Windows 11 to enhance student learning outcomes and to promote the effective use of technology in the classroom. An MCE can walk you through each business process and ensure that you have an expert in the field when it comes to end-user training.

Essentially, an MCT focuses on delivering training and building skills in others, while an MCE focuses on using Microsoft technology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

The desirability of an MCT

The certification process of becoming an MCT is no easy feat. Once a person becomes a certified trainer with Microsoft, they are required to stay current by recertifying their credentials every year. Working with an MCT means you are getting a professional that has access to the absolute latest information on technology upgrades, new features, and can interpret how changes will affect your organization. Folks who go through this process are highly desirable. Choosing a Microsoft partner who invests in this expertise means you have a pathway to success when implementing new technology.

The Train-the-Trainer Methodology

The Train-the-Trainer methodology for new software implementations is the preferred training method for Microsoft certified trainers. By training and creating client experts, train-the-trainer provides the best return on investment for organizations adopting new technology. Establishing an in-house expert for your organization means your organization has a reliable source of proficiency after the implementation is completed. Now, your “superuser” will be able to better understand the product and explain the day-to-day processes of the new solution to other end-users and be on-hand to solve issues along the way.

Introducing your end-users to new software should be a positive experience, and a Microsoft certified trainer has the expertise you need to make this happen.

Working with Arctic IT’s Microsoft certified trainers

When it comes to choosing a Microsoft Partner, don’t overlook the importance of training. What good is a new system if the users are unable to complete daily functions? If you are looking for a partner who provides you with an MCT or MCE and makes training a priority throughout the implementation process, contact Arctic IT today at connect@arcticit.com.

Kylie M, Training Consultant at Arctic IT

By Kylie Miner, Training Consultant, MCE at Arctic IT