Our Culture

We’re a dedicated crew of IT experts with diverse interests. What unites us? We’re keen on finding and finessing nuanced solutions for each of our clients. Adept collaborators, our strengths and specialties dovetail in the interest of doing an outstanding job—fast.

The culture we’ve built here rests on our core values —passionate, adaptive, resourceful, teamwork, neighborly, excellence, reliable. As an acronym, that all adds up to PARTNER, which is what we become to every client and to each other. You see our character in our work and in the client relationships that flourish over years of partnership. You also see it in the way we get things done and the cool/authentic things we do with our lives.

Arctic IT’s Purpose

To be a valuable PARTNER, enabling customers and colleagues to be more productive and do meaningful work.

Passionate: We love what we do.

Adaptive: We embrace a challenge.

Resourceful: We figure it out.

Teamwork: We collaborate and listen.

Neighborly: We are cool people.

Excellence: We aim high.

Reliable: We have your back.