IT Workflows – Improving Your Operations and Service Management


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ServiceNow TribalWise Webinar 2022

Publish Date

August 23, 2022



IT Workflows | ServiceNow | TribalWise

WEBINAR: IT Workflows – Improving Your Operations and Service Management

Tuesday, August 30th
1pm ET/9am AKT

Join Arctic IT’s Bill Travitz and ServiceNow’s Nikhil Mannan on TribalWise for “IT Workflows: Improving your operational and service management”. You will learn firsthand how tribes are using this technology to optimize their workflows.

In this presentation, we detail how ServiceNow improves:

  • Employee Experience with unified enterprise processes that improve productivity and effectiveness
  • Customer Experience with visibility and coordination across organizations to support citizens where and when they reach out
  • Application Development with low-code and hyper-automation making it easy for business owners to design the digital solutions they need
  • Operating Excellence with improved productivity and quicker ROI on program investments