Mitigating Risk in the AI Era for Tribal Nations


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May 15, 2024



AI | Artificial Intelligence | Cybersecurity | TribalHub

Are you ready to ride the AI wave?

AI is one of the most impactful technological accelerators of our lifetime. Join us and learn how to approach AI as a sovereign nation, while responsibly leveraging its power.  

Arctic IT and our parent company, Doyon Technology Group, join forces with TribalHub to bring you two AI experts with deep connections to tribal communities: Phillip Jackson, CIO at Arctic IT and Greg Starling, Head of Emerging Technologies for Doyon Technology Group.

In our presentation, you will learn about:

  • AI you already use (and don’t even know it) 
  • The difference between the free, paid, and private AI technologies available today
  • How to reduce risks for Tribal Nations with the AI tool(s) you use

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Mitigating Risk in the AI Era for Tribal Nations
Thursday, June 13 @1pm EDT/9am AKDT
with TribalHub on Zoom