Road to TribalNet Webinar Series with TribalWise


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Road to TribalNet Webinar Series

Publish Date

September 4, 2020


Introducing the Road to TribalNet Webinar Series in Partnership with TribalWise

We hosted this series of educational webinars in the months of September and October in anticipation of the 2020 TribalNet Virtual Conference & Tradeshow.

Explore below to pull up the webinar(s) on-demand!
Why the Cloud Now Webinar

Why the Cloud Now? Cloud 101 for Tribal Administrators

This overview of the cloud breaks down the stages of cloud migration into easy-to-understand steps. We’ll help you discover:

  • Why cloud infrastructure in today’s world is critical
  • What it takes to transition your organization to cloud technology
  • A real-world client success story
Grant Management Simplified Webinar

Grant Management Simplified: Accounting Software Designed for Tribes

We unveil the latest tribal government accounting software in the Microsoft Dynamics suite including:

  • Why to harness cloud accounting technology
  • The next gen, all-in-one solution for your finance and human capital management (HCM) needs
  • A live demonstration of the grant management, fund accounting, payroll, and HR capabilities built in
Tribal Hospitality Tech Webinar

Tribal Hospitality Tech: Unify Your Hospitality Retail, Inventory & Accounting

We’ll show you how new technology can unify your siloed business applications within one platform. You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily maintain and categorize all stocked and frequently purchased items
  • Gain full control over your inventory and warehouse
  • Bring your entire food and beverage operation together on a single unified platform
Portal Technology for Tribes

Portal Technology for Tribes: Improve Community Engagement & Family Services

Watch to learn how portal technology can help you safely and securely connect with your tribal families 24/7. We’ll cover:

  • The software solution designed for member enrollment, case management and family wellness
  • How a portal enables contact-less, secure community engagement
  • Plus, a live demonstration of the solution functionality