Tribes are Harnessing Power BI, BI 360 and Player 365 for Real-time Data


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June 19, 2017



Business Intelligence | Power BI

Business Intelligence is big buzzword in the technology space right now, but it is big for a reason. In nearly every industry, organizations are realizing more and more that they need the ability to see current information in meaningful ways to help make better decisions. Data needs to be immediate to be timely. Looking at financial statements from the prior month just won’t cut it in today’s environment.

Often, we hear things like “Things just aren’t done that way around here” or, “You only see that stuff in Vegas, not in Indian Country.” However, we are seeing this change.  CFOs, CIOs, department heads, and council members are demanding better data in real time.

Tribal enterprises need to access hotel occupancy rates and gaming revenue numbers from multiple properties last night, not two months ago. Tribal Governments need access to their for-profit entities while also monitoring their health center budget.  These numbers should be easily accessed with dashboards and reports that are easy to understand and up-to-date.

Business Application companies are at forefront of delivering real business intelligence to tribal entities through tools like Power BI from Microsoft, BI360 from Solver, and Player 365.  With technologies like these continually improving, it has never been easier to consolidate data across all government entities, deliver meaningful reports and dashboards with current data, and forecast for the short and long term.

 Casino Power BI

Above is an example of a multi-casino organization with a BI360 Dashboard showing Revenue and labor costs per game across their different properties.  How useful would that be to executive leadership?

WPower BI Dashboardsith people on the go, you need to be able to get the current data to make decisions wherever you are.  Power BI dashboards can be accessed from any device to make this a reality.




Dashboards aren’t just effective on the Tribal Enterprise side, Tribal Governments and member services departments can get great up to the minute views of how grant spending is going by program and see where the current grant pipeline is in dashboards like the BI360 example below.

Casino Management System







How do you get started?  Contact a trusted tribal IT consulting firm to start the conversation on business intelligence.  The data is there; so are the tools to make that data relevant and timely.

By Matt Borkowski, Senior Technical Account Executive, Arctic IT.