What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure?


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December 13, 2022



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Microsoft Azure is a powerful platform that can have a huge impact on your business – find out what it offers.

Microsoft Azure is the newest iteration of the original Windows Azure and is the primary cloud platform that Microsoft offers. Designed to be used by every type of organization, including government entities, tribes, nonprofits, and the commercial sector. This powerful platform offers ongoing support, high-end technology, and plenty of opportunities to support your organizational growth. Let’s find out how.

What You Get with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a sizable platform that offers a variety of services and benefits based on the individual needs of the users. The expansive offerings included with Microsoft Azure can cover the needs of organizations of all sizes. This subscription-based platform connects you with a dedicated space filled with cloud-based services and resources aimed at meeting your needs. In this article, we’ll explore some of the core benefits that come with Microsoft Azure.

Incredible Performance

Microsoft is a leading brand in technology, and it is easy to see with Azure. You can enjoy the benefits that come with high-end performance that is designed to be efficient and support you with every kind of task. With Azure, you receive access to technology that is guaranteed to perform well.

Support for Your Organization

The Azure platform was made to support your team in all you do and offers an environment that is built around all of your favorite Microsoft applications. With access to easy tools and dedicated Azure engineers, you can rest assured that you will have the support you need as you scale your business. Azure comes with discounts and support that make it easy to scale as your organization grows.

Save on Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are essential for making it easy for staff to do their jobs while maintaining a high standard of security, and Azure offers savings to make it even easier. With Azure, you can save on virtual machines and get the support that your staff needs to do their jobs. This simple, cost-effective solution can revitalize your business practices.

Top-Tier Security

There are few things more important than security for businesses, and Microsoft Azure can help with keeping you on track. Their services include updates for Windows and SQL servers when you migrate – though actual coverage times may vary. Fortunately, Microsoft can do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your servers secure against potential risks.

The Takeaway

Microsoft Azure is a platform that everyone uses differently. Some of the benefits that it brings might really help you, but don’t be surprised to find that there are features that you might not need to use immediately. With this platform, there is always more to explore and more to benefit from. To learn more about Microsoft Cloud Solutions and how they can be used to support your business efforts, contact us today. We are always happy to help more people benefit from this powerful platform!

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Matt D, Director Azure Solutions at Arctic IT

By Matt DeCap, Director Azure Solutions at Arctic IT