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You want to effectively serve the people in your city and state, but the archaic and inefficient software systems currently in place are preventing you from serving them to your best ability, leading to frustration for both your organization and the people you serve.

Arctic IT understands this better than most, bringing years of experience to the government sector. This understanding allows Arctic IT to deliver the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to provide the security, familiarity, and reliability your departments need. Team with us to serve your community better with technology that digitally transforms the way you work.

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Audit Your System

The first step to modernizing your systems and processes lies in identifying current fail points and bottlenecks. A thorough understanding of your existing system will help Arctic IT’s experts find the right custom solution to best fit your needs.

Develop Your Custom Solution

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can tailor a software suite to best meet your needs and eliminate the bottlenecks we identified before. Our solution combines a variety of capabilities into one solution in the Microsoft Cloud.

Transform your Results

Our powerful solution offers forward-thinking technology that brings antiquated systems into the modern world. With increased efficiency, communication, and access, you will be enabled to serve to the fullest extent possible.

What Our Clients Say About Arctic IT

I am really enjoying working with your team! Thank you all for making my job more pleasant and generally leaving me smiling, if not laughing, when I hang up the phone.

Laura Cloward
City of Cordova

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  • Microsoft 365 Migration and Support

  • Case Management

  • Citizen/Public Portals

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Microsoft 365 Apps Migrations

  • Microsoft Power Platform

  • Microsoft Azure & Security

  • Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Major County in State of Washington

Arctic IT was chosen to develop and implement a tax administration system designed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform hosted in the Microsoft Government Community Cloud. The system will be responsible for billing, collection, and distribution of taxes, as well as providing web portal access to the public to submit tax related information.

“This is a strategic public sector win for both Microsoft and Arctic IT, and is a clear example of collaboration and creativity to build a modern workplace s...More

City of Seattle

What’s more important than clean water? We’ve been selected by the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) to deliver groundbreaking technology for the security and integrity of Seattle’s water supply for 1.3 million citizens. Dynamics 365 Field Service will manage permits, inspections, and compliance checks for the Cedar River Watershed. The solution includes mobile and offline capabilities for the modern workforce all within the Microsoft Government Community Cloud.

As a security-first Microsoft Gold Partner, our company is unique in our depth of expertise. We provide strategic value with our multi-discipline knowledge and proven approach to digital transformation. We simplify technology.