Configuring Security and Compliance Policies with Microsoft 365 for Government

With an unprecedented escalation in cybercriminal activity through the past year showing no signs of slowing, it has never been more critical to review your organization’s security posture. Cybersecurity regulations are expanding and impacting all industries, which can make compliance a daunting task. Organizations who have taken action to increase their cybersecurity measures may be… Read more

Digitally Transform Your HR & Payroll Technology

It’s here. The complete human capital management solution purpose-built for Education, Nonprofit, and Public Sector Organizations Join Arctic IT’s Matt Borkowski and Sparkrock’s Sheri Hashimoto for a special presentation on the latest HCM software for education, nonprofit, and public sector organizations. This solution integrates Employee Management, Compensation, Benefits, Scheduling and Time Entry, Labor Compliance, and… Read more

Simplify & Modernize Your Finance Technology

Discover the leading accounting software purpose-built for the unique needs of Local Governments Join Arctic IT’s Matt Borkowski and Sparkrock’s James Faw for this special presentation on the latest accounting technology for local government organizations. This solution integrates general ledger, fund accounting, project and grant management, procurement/purchasing, reporting and more in ONE cloud-based application embedded in the Microsoft… Read more

2020 Security Bulletin for Government Agencies on Ransomware

State, Local and Tribal governments experienced a 153% increase in ransomware attacks in 2019. While 2020 results are still inconclusive, early research suggests this statistic has continued to rise dramatically since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The risk in not preparing your organization for these attacks can be costly in many ways, including Significant… Read more

Migrate Your Legacy Government Applications to Cloud-Based Platforms

Leaders in the state and local government (SLG) sector are faced with a unique opportunity to improve how they deliver services to their communities, and cloud-based platforms are the key to making it happen. CARES Act assistance, now in the hands of many government organizations, can be the driver to real change. Rather than spend… Read more

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions with Microsoft Cloud Technology

The world is changing rapidly. State and local governments continue to find ways to enhance their communities by improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions, and technology is playing a large part in this. It’s no secret that carbon emissions have been a mushrooming problem for the past 75 years. And the issue is forcing… Read more

Government Technology Webinar Series with Microsoft

Introducing the Government Technology Webinar Series Presented by Arctic IT and Microsoft In recent months, government agencies have quickly adapted to meet public needs by undertaking accelerated digital transformations. We’ve brought the best experts together to offer your team practical tools and expert guidance to navigate your path forward. Watch below to learn the latest… Read more

Moving the Federal Government Forward with Subscription-Based Technology

  In less than 60 days, another fiscal year begins for the federal government. This is a prime opportunity for the feds to leverage technology more efficiently through subscription-based pricing. Let’s look at two programs that support this: The 21st Century IDEA law passed in January of this year. It requires every public-facing agency website… Read more