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Today’s democracy demands greater responsiveness to citizens’ voices. But in today’s tight economy, improving the functionality of government services is a tall order. Ready with tailored solutions, we partner with federal agencies every day to make limited resources go further and help government manage and serve more effectively.

Arctic IT’s experienced team has the background to help federal agencies manage finances, human resources, citizen relationships, funds and grants, and service delivery—all with a low total cost of ownership. Every day, our solutions are used by government organizations to provide more effective services with greater accountability.

Arctic IT Capabilities Statement

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

  • Gain real-time insight into organizational information and metrics for better decision-making.
  • Streamline and automate critical processes to free up time for value-added work.
  • Streamline data across different systems, departments, and agencies for greater collaboration.
  • Enable regulatory compliance through accurate fund and account management.

Effectively manage your most valuable asset—people

  • Simplify the management of employee data, payroll, benefits, and performance.
  • Comply with employment-eligibility and injury-reporting requirements.
  • Provide employees with security-enhanced Web access to human resources (HR) and payroll data.

Increase citizen satisfaction

  • Gain a holistic view of citizen interactions across multiple communication channels.
  • Improve response to citizen requests with centralized databases and automated follow-up tools.
  • Enable one-stop citizen self-service through Web portals.
  • Increase ability to analyze service trends and respond quickly to changing constituent needs.
  • Conduct targeted community outreach with comprehensive communications tools.

8(a) Business

Arctic IT is also proudly a member of the 8(a) Program which operates in conjunction with the U.S. Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development Program.  Companies in the 8(a) Program are able to grow into successful viable entities that compete in the U.S business economy, and are able to provide valuable benefits to the communities in which these companies serve.

Benefits of working with an 8(a) business include:

• Participation within the 8(a) Business Development Program encourages federal agencies to contract with and help disadvantaged businesses grow.

• 8(a) businesses are working as U.S. Congress intended, creating economic opportunities and social benefits for entire communities.

• Participation by businesses in the 8(a) program has helped communities develop their own business tools and become active participants in the US economy across all states.

• Contracts awarded to businesses provide good jobs for Americans in virtually every state.