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Arctic Information Technology Adds Intacct Cloud ERP Software to Its Portfolio

Arctic IT Partners with Intacct to Tap Into Growing Market for Cloud-based Financial Applications and Expand into the Tribal vertical Anchorage, AK – April 5, 2017 – Arctic Information Technology (Arctic IT), a leading technology consulting firm focused on Tribal Enterprise, Tribal Government and Tribal Casino Management today announced a new partnership with Intacct, the… Read more

While the tribal community has been historically slow to adopt cloud technologies, more and more the Tribal Gaming community is taking advantage of the speed of deployment, agile scaling, increased availability, and lower total cost of ownership that cloud technologies offer.   This trend is particularly true with accounting and ERP technologies, especially Intacct.  Intacct… Read more

April 10-13 – Join Arctic IT in San Diego for the Indian Gaming Conference!  As the longest running gaming tradeshow in history, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention delivers the insight and strategies you need to rise to the top of the competitive gaming industry landscape. Meet industry leaders, access cutting-edge trends and celebrate a proud tradition… Read more

May 18 – While email is a popular method of communication, there is still a need for written communication. In Dynamics 365 (CRM), you can quickly and efficiently generate documents in Word and spreadsheets in Excel using your CRM data. Join us and see how you can get started using Document Templates in Dynamics 365 (CRM)…. Read more

April 13 – It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. Editable Grids in Dynamics 365 now allow you to quickly update your data field by field and line by line without having to navigate through so many screens. In this session, we will demonstrate how Editable Grids work and how… Read more

We understand the importance of planning and implementing a backup strategy, and can help you to best suit the recovery requirements. This is a review of the options available within Microsoft SQL Server and the level of recovery each can provide. We review the value of having a documented and tested recovery plan, and provide advice… Read more

Dynamics 365: Track Your Emails Like a Pro

Email is the primary and preferred way to communicate for several people.  Whether it is your internal team members, your “customers”, or partners, both parties have most likely communicated via email.  The messages that have been exchanged could contain valuable information that you want to record in your CRM/xRM system. Fortunately, there are multiple options… Read more

Thursday, March 23 – Organizations and their users need access to data from one to multiple sources. Often times resulting in manually compiling the data into spreadsheets. Join us for a complimentary webinar discussing how the BI360 Data Warehouse can provide an off-the-shelf place to store data from disparate systems. Combined with tools such as BI360… Read more

Thursday, March 30 –  Email is one of the most popular methods of communication. Especially when you are working within your organization or with your “Customers”. If you aren’t tracking emails now, we will show you how to get started. In this session, we will explore the many options available to you when it comes… Read more

Goals.  We all have them.  Whether officially defined or not, there is something we are striving to achieve.  The problem is that we often just don’t have time to spend on the activities that can lead us to achieve those goals.  In my decade of working with tribal governments and tribal enterprises, I hear story… Read more