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Tribal Platforms Distribution Payments

Streamline your distribution payments process

The effort of payment and deduction tracking can be a cumbersome task for tribal governments. Say goodbye to the days of manual distribution payment management and hello to efficiency.

With our Tribal Platforms Distribution Payments software, your tribe will benefit from a flexible, easy-to-use application that manages and fulfills per capita payments, general welfare payments, payment requests and more.

The Enrollment application serves as the base of the solution. It provides a centralized database for master member management and is seamlessly integrated with the distribution payments app.


Use Tribal Platforms Distribution Payments to manage

Multiple payment options icon

Multiple types and frequencies of per capita payment options

Payment methods icon

Direct deposit, physical checks, or a combination of payment methods

Payment requests icons

Withholdings for loans, bills, taxes and other applicable deductions

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Payment requests for one-time assistance payments and on-behalf payments

Distribution Payments App for Tribes

Automate your payment processing

The Distribution Payments software solution can integrate with your tribe’s existing financial system to automate your payment processing.

As an added benefit, real-time views and reports are ready-built to give you a complete picture of your payment approval process – resulting in streamlined operations.

The full suite of Tribal Platforms applications designed for tribal governments can include:

  • Distribution Payments
  • Enrollment
  • Family Wellness
  • Tribal Court
  • and the Community Portal
Benefits of Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT

Why Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT

The Tribal Platforms software suite is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform with layered security built-in to keep your data confidential and secure. Dynamics 365 meets industry privacy and security policies and maintains compliance certification to ISO-27001, ISO-27018, and WCAG standards.

Data is secured and encrypted in the cloud hosted environment as well as in transit to the user’s browser when viewing. Your data stays within defined boundaries to maintain overall security. It is accessible from anywhere and on any device via a web-based platform – giving your team the mobility and flexibility to work where and when they need. This solution design provides tribal court staff with one real-time source of record for each court case, party and more.

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