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Tribal Court Application on Tribal Platforms®

The modern solution for Tribal Court Case Management

Elevate your tribal court case management software with a modern cloud solution from Arctic IT.

With our Tribal Platforms Tribal Court software, you can securely and confidentially manage court case life cycles, court parties, court hearings and more. Our solution features real-time dashboards for judges and clerks to easily access full views of hearings and cases, enabling your staff to take faster action.

Features of Tribal Platforms Tribal Court

Court Case Lifecycle

  • Capture the complete case life cycle from creation to resolution
  • Flexible workflows based on case type
  • Assure timely case processing and due process
  • Complete case audit history to track changes over time

Court Parties

  • Enable flexible association of all parties involved in a court case
  • Store case party address contact information, shared with Tribal Enrollment if allowed
  • Identify role and relationship to the case, parties include attorney and companies
  • Capture court party case history

Court Hearings

  • Gain real-time visibility and management of the master court calendar
  • Capture flexible case notes in real-time attached to the case
  • Schedule upcoming hearings and invite all parties within the calendar view and send out appointments to use in calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook

Court Judge and Clerk Dashboards

  • Access full views of hearings and cases assigned to staff to take faster action
  • View “My Cases” or activities assigned to users
  • Print case related court notices and orders
  • Fill in documents and reports from court case record automatically

Case Charges and penalties

  • Record case outcomes and applicable fines or penalties
  • Record payments for fines and penalties

Case documents

  • Organize all case related documents in one view
  • Securely manage court case documents


  • Office 365 integration with Outlook and Exchange for email, appointments, and tasks
  • Microsoft SharePoint online integration for document and content management
  • Azure Active Directory integration for user authentication
  • Flexible data integration and API interface to act in existing solutions


  • Retiring an aging or custom case management solution? Let Arctic IT help you migrate your data
  • Import and export records using Excel templates

Modern Workplace

Arctic IT’s proven implementation process brings the modern workplace to your tribal court. Contact our team today to see how we can make a difference for your organization.

Man using Tribal Platforms Tribal Court app

Ready to improve your tribal court services with Tribal Platforms?


Microsoft’s continued commitment to innovation, backed by Arctic IT’s experience and expertise, means you can finally invest in modern technology with confidence. Our goal is to help you make decisions that deliver value to your tribal organization, and that’s a promise.

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Why Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT

The Tribal Platforms software suite is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform with layered security built-in to keep your data confidential and secure. Dynamics 365 meets industry privacy and security policies and maintains compliance certification to ISO-27001, ISO-27018, and WCAG standards.

Data is secured and encrypted in the cloud hosted environment as well as in transit to the user’s browser when viewing. Your data stays within defined boundaries to maintain overall security. It is accessible from anywhere and on any device via a web-based platform – giving your team the mobility and flexibility to work where and when they need.

Tribal Court Software Dashboards
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Secure down to the field & record level

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One-Time Implementation fee

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Lifecycle management with updates included

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unlimited help desk support from our U.S.-based team

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