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Family Wellness Application on Tribal Platforms®

Elevate social services and improve member wellness for generations to come

For over a decade, Arctic IT has shared our tribal domain expertise to help tribal governments across America elevate technology for their communities. Our Tribal Platforms Family Wellness social services software is designed to help you modernize case management, member wellness program management and more.

Digitally transform the way your tribe provides family and child social services.

Case Management Software

Modernize your tribal social services case management

Strengthen your tribe’s health and wellness departments with Arctic IT’s Family Wellness app for Tribal Platforms. The solution connects each area within your tribal organization to optimize resources and enhance support at every level of care for tribal members and families.

Digital Member Records

The key to our solution’s success is the real-time digital Member Record. Centralized record management provides a secure, 360-degree view of every individual enrolled member within the tribe including which services are being utilized. This solution reduces abuse of the available programs, as all departments have access to the same member’s activity history and can collaborate to ensure policies are applied consistently.

Case Management Support

The Family Wellness application is designed for case managers who develop and implement individual client cases and family-oriented plans for tribal members in need.

Users can associate Member Records with Cases to track family and child services throughout the departments including:

  • Child protective services and child placement
  • General assistance programs
  • Family case management
  • Substance/domestic abuse incident case management
  • ICW case management
  • Foster care management
  • Group program participation

Case plans track progress through step-by-step monitoring of individual(s). The Family Wellness add-on fosters inter-department collaboration and creates efficiencies for everyone on your social services team. In addition, members benefit from an improved wellness plan with better follow-through.

Program Management Support

Tribal Platforms Family Wellness helps your staff easily manage social services programs from start to finish, reducing the administration overhead and delivering services to members faster. Enhance their response time with streamlined requests and easy evaluation of program eligibility and historical participation.

Periodic program reports and easy dashboards to view remaining program funds to help staff maximize the benefits provided to members. Reports at the end of year ease the task to prepare and justify participation and show how programs provided benefits no longer requires data mining from multiple sources. The annual reports are reported from a single location.

Solution features include:

  • Flexible program eligibility and budgeting
  • Participation program tracking and approval
  • Program budget to actual tracking
  • Program ad-hoc query and reporting

Solution benefits of Tribal Platforms Family Wellness


Case Plans

  • Create ‘family oriented’ case plans to include the entire family wellness
  • Visualize all Family Service activities in one view
  • Counseling case management for internal or external services
  • Team collaboration with Case Notes and Activities (phone, email, appointment, tasks) for individuals and families
  • Case incident and investigation report collection
  • Manage child placements, placement location tracking, and visitation events
  • Manage client participation in group activities and track attendance


  • Track all inbound and outbound requests
  • Support payment on behalf of the member for services provided
  • Streamline outbound referral payments
  • Report referrals by provider

ICWA Cases

  • Manage inbound and outbound requests
  • Collaborate with Enrollment to answer requests for eligibility
  • Capture court details and documents


  • Capture case incident and investigation details
  • Attach photo and documents to cases for team visibility
  • Create case notes and client assessments using mobile devices


  • Role based data security
  • HIPAA / HITECH compliant
  • Protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Securely share name, address, contact, membership with Enrollment

Modern Workplace

Arctic IT’s proven implementation process brings the modern workplace to your tribe. Contact our team today to see how we can make a difference for your organization.

Woman using Family Wellness app

Ready to improve your social services with Tribal Platforms case management software?


Microsoft’s continued commitment to innovation, backed by Arctic IT’s experience and expertise, means you can finally invest in modern technology with confidence. Our goal is to help you make decisions that deliver value to your tribal organization, and that’s a promise.

Connect with us today to get the conversation started.

Why Tribal Platforms by Arctic IT

The Tribal Platforms software suite is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform with layered security built-in to keep your data confidential and secure. Dynamics 365 meets industry privacy and security policies and maintains compliance certification to ISO-27001, ISO-27018, and WCAG standards.

Data is secured and encrypted in the cloud hosted environment as well as in transit to the user’s browser when viewing. Your data stays within defined boundaries to maintain overall security. It is accessible from anywhere and on any device via a web-based platform – giving your team the mobility and flexibility to work where and when they need.

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Secure down to the field & record level

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Budget-friendly Monthly subscription

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One-Time Implementation fee

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Lifecycle management with updates included

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unlimited help desk support from our U.S.-based team

Gain secure, contactless self-service for tribal members with portal technology

Family and Child Services

Family and Child Services staff benefit as members can review their personal information, review service and program eligibility requirements, and submit requests for services from home. Community members can track the status of their requests from the portal without the need to come to the office.

Tribal staff can continue to engage and provide services remotely to the community members who most need help.

Community Portal on Mobile

Enrollment Services

Enrollment staff benefit from improved member data accuracy, as members can interact with their personal member record anytime, anywhere, on any device. The portal is highly extensible, enabling authorized staff to add online forms to improve member engagement.

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