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Arctic IT is proud to share our tribal domain expertise to elevate technology for communities across America. We configure applications on the Dynamics 365 platform to transform how your tribe manages community engagement. Our applications include solutions for per capita payments, family wellness, and pre-school through adulthood education.

Per Capita Payments Solution Community Engagement App

Per capita payment management

Many Tribes provide per capita payments to enrolled tribal members based on their gaming and enterprise revenues. Seniors, adults, and minors may be eligible for different distributions, which may be paid annually, monthly, or otherwise. The effort of payment and deduction tracking can be a cumbersome task.

Say goodbye to the days of manual per capita payment management. With Arctic IT’s Per Capita Payment add-on module for Tribal Platforms Enrollment, your tribe will benefit from a flexible, easy-to-use application that tracks and manages:

  • Multiple types and frequencies of per capita payment options
  • Direct deposit, physical checks, or a combination
  • Withholdings for loans, bills, taxes and other deductions

Our solution can be integrated with your tribe’s existing financial system and provides you with fast payment processing. The reporting tools are designed to be flexible, allowing you to get a broad view of your payment system while helping to identify inefficiencies throughout your operation.

Family Wellness Solution for Tribes

Family wellness management

Strengthen your tribe’s health and wellness departments with Arctic IT’s Family Wellness add-on module for Tribal Platforms Enrollment. The Tribal Platforms solution connects each area within your tribal organization to optimize resources and enhance support at every level of care for tribal members and families.

Digital member records

The key to our solution’s success is the real-time digital Member Record. Member Records provide a secure, 360-degree view of every individual enrolled within the tribe. This solution reduces abuse of the system as all departments have access to the same member’s activity history.

Case management support

We designed the Family Wellness add-on for case managers who develop and implement case plans for tribal members in need.

Users can associate Member Records with Cases to track family and child services throughout the departments including:

  • Child protective services
  • General assistance programs
  • Family case management
  • Substance/domestic abuse incident case management
  • Foster care management
  • Group program participation

Case plans track progress through step-by-step monitoring of individual(s). The Family Wellness add-on fosters inter-department collaboration and creates efficiencies for everyone on your social services team. In addition, members benefit from an improved wellness plan with better follow-through.

Tribal Education Program Management Application

Tribal education program management

Tribes providing education services or financial support to students to attend school require an efficient, multi-department management tool. Through many years of experience configuring CRM applications for tribes, we’ve developed a Tribal Education accelerator solution that meets the demands of today’s education program management.

Real-time student records

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, our CRM solution connects all your education departments together with real-time student records management, school operations tracking, and flexible reporting. A Student Record tracks an enrolled individual from pre-school through adulthood. Each school year is tracked individually within the record, allowing users to enter scholastic information like school name, class type(s), and grades.

Student Records allow education departments to manage personal information about each student including:

  • Medical records (immunizations, allergies, medications)
  • Approved pick-up/drop-off and emergency contacts
  • Unauthorized contacts
  • Assessments and test results (ASQ-3, drug testing, psych evaluations)
  • Truancy
  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • Trades and skills
  • Languages
  • Scholarships and tuition assistance
  • Reimbursement, direct payments, and refunds for external schooling
  • Student loan repayment
  • Internal and external work placement and internships (employment, timesheets, references and performance evaluations)
  • Work performance improvement plans
  • Technology requests or reimbursements
School Operations Management for Tribes

Education program management

The Tribal Education accelerator provides additional tracking capabilities for educational programs. Manage information regarding pre-school education tribal staff (including certifications, accreditations, evaluations, etc.) and track school financials such as school supplies budgets and payments, check requests for various payments, field trips and events, school accreditations, external education staff, and more.

Flexible reporting

The application’s standard reporting helps education departments identify new efficiencies for their daily tasks. Making the move to digital eliminates the headache of manual scholarship letters, mailing lists, school enrollment lists, and early childhood development assessments. Flexible ad-hoc reporting is also available for a real-time synopsis of your education program.

This solution can interface with Tribal Platforms Enrollment.

Tribal Community Wellness and Education

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