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Maximize your casino’s operations.

Give your casino guests the WOW experience with a customer relationship management solution from Arctic IT. We configure casino and property-specific applications with our Player 365 accelerator to put real-time gaming data into the hands of hosts – aggregating all guest activities in one view.

CRM Integration for Casino Enterprise Casino Management Software

Integrate multiple casino systems into one data platform

CRM and Player 365 Solution Accelerator

A CRM application is a smart investment for your casino enterprise because it allows for multi-channel integration. Imagine synchronized data that connects operations across the casino, restaurant, golf course, hotel, spa and more. Our CRM solution configured with the Player 365 accelerator will aggregate all entities of your casino operation into one intuitive management application.

Our solution can easily integrate with your current system, allowing you to optimize your patron incentives and get a better return on your investments.

CRM with Player 365 Accelerator

CRM with Player 365 Accelerator benefits

Grow customer loyalty and increase player value

With our Player 365 accelerated CRM solution, you can grow customer loyalty by connecting with guests from arrival to departure, while increasing player value through non-gaming amenities.

Customer service
When all casino entities are enabled to access the same player record, the customer service team can track customer requests and issues more efficiently. Customer service can also improve customer loyalty by utilizing CRM data to provide a more personalized experience for your patrons.

Player development
Casino hosts can use player development to track player “touches” and record their interactions. The Player Touch history builds intelligence around a player’s actions, so the casino can optimize incentives and marketing opportunities unique to each player. Plus, the solution is mobile so hosts can access real-time information while on the floor.

Host management
With host management, managers have visibility into how effectively their employees are doing their job. They can review a host’s Player Touch history and get real-time reporting on how the finances translate to the individual’s customer service level.

Marketing consolidation
CRM helps you consolidate your marketing opportunities and targeting across all entities within the business. When all departments have visibility to the same player activities, marketing efforts and communication improve for opportunities. You can market to guests based on preferences and automate guest communication for invitations, celebrations, or feedback requests.

Social engagement
Leveraging social engagement, our solution with Player 365 accelerator can help you reach your player when they are not onsite. You can deploy incentives and special offers within the socially integrated platform.

What our clients are saying

Player 365’s mobile feature has been a game-changer in how we serve our clients. Our hosts have real-time information while on the floor, enhancing their ability to anticipate our player’s needs. We have dramatically increased the visibility into how and when our hosts are interacting with our guests.

Vice President of Information Technology
Sycuan Casino

Customer Master Attributes

Know your customers better

Customer master attributes

Our solution helps you manage these customer attributes for a 360 degree view of your patron:

  • Customer profile and demographics
  • Gaming activity
  • Non-gaming activity
  • Offers and promotions
  • Customer preferences
  • Customer service history
  • Social media engagement
  • Power BI analytics and reporting
Mobile CRM for Casino

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